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New Addition? All of you with indoor cats....

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ok...heres the scoop. My mom went to get a kitten today as a friend for her kitty Crissy. She picked out a beautiful boy she named Deuce, because of his two spots on his back. Deuce is a tri colored male!! Isn't that rare? We're postive hes a "he" because of his...errr...equipment. Anyways Deuce has three beautiful brothers and sisters still left at the feed store. They were abandoned in the middle of the road!! Somone picked them up and brought them to the local Feed store. Unfortunatley, the owners policy is that If the kittens aren't sold within a week, he gives them back to the people who brought them to him. The problem... these babies had no owner. This means one thing..they will be taken to the vet and put down. Now, I'm particularly attached to an adorable white ball of fluff with two grey spots on her head. I was wondering how much more difficult it would be to have 3 inside cats as opposed to 2. I won't see the little darling put down...no way! I almost brought her home with me today, but have to talk to hubby about it first. The owner is afraid he won't be able to find buyers for them and he said he would give her to me if I wanted her. Dilemma!!! I want her so badly! I need to hear from all of you who have inside cats, especially those with more than two and not a huge house Thanks!
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I live in a two bedroom apartment and I am owned by 7 cats. 2 males and 5 females, all indoors. Kittens are very easily introduced to other cats. I've done it with all of mine and have had no problem. My cats have 2 cat trees to sleep on, beds and condo galore. They have no interest whatsoever in going outside, which is a good thing because I live on a busy street. It is no more work for 3 cats as it is for 2. As long as you can afford the vet bills I say GO FOR IT!! Just make sure that you have one litterbox per cat so there are no accidents. And keep me posted as to your new furballs name and pictures, we LOVE pictures!

Good luck.

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Yes, of course there are always more obligations, more expenses, etc. but I think well worth it. Even if you can't keep them - bring them home, play Foster Mom and find the a good home.

I am so glad there are people like you in this world.
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I have 5 indoor cats. It is easy to have multiple indoor cats, especially if they are all brought into the house together. Important things to note - have plenty of litter boxes and clean them daily. Also make sure they are fixed when the time is right. When you have multiple cats they entertain each other & sometimes make you feel unneeded. Just make sure they all get equal attention. Enjoy your new family.
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Sounds like it may work Now I just have to work on Hubby.... :tounge2:
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.....it works
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Hey Melissa, too bad you don't live near Utah. Other wise, I'd say, give me the other too kittens. Or send them via UPS or Express Mail! Don't they have a good animal or rescue shelter? I wish I had the luck of finding abandoned kittens. But here, most people who don't want their pets would take them to the humane society. One of this days...:flash:
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Hey Melissa,

I have three indoor only cats (I went from one to three). I have two litter boxes for the three of them (but I have heard that sometimes you need to have one box for each). So I vote you take the little cuttie
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I am the perpetual kittysitter. Anytime anyone travels, the cats come to Karen's. My oldest daughter spends every summer out of the country and her two cats come to my house. We had four all summer long. We also had two dogs going through heart treatment, who had to stay in the house, and a new puppy, who of course lived in the house. It was a virtual zoo! We loved it!!!

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What's one more? My one kitty has now led to 7 indoor kitties and I agree - the more the merrier. They are all so different and special -They make coming home all that much more enjoyable!
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