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Hello, everyone.

Well, thursday is the day - Lola will be going in for her spaying at 8am and will stay overnight. I can pick her up friday afternoon. I'm not worried about the surgery itself, although we're still having trouble getting rid of the coccidia and she might have a relapse after the procedure. However, given that waiting until after her first heat can increase her chances of developing mammary cancer, I think we'll risk a bit of diarrhea. She's well litter-trained, anyway, and I'll be home with her to make sure she's hydrated and all's well.

However, Sammy will be alone (well, we'll be home, but to Sammy, we're secondary to Lola) in the house overnight without Lola for the first time since she came...Has anyone else been in this situation? How did your cat react and is there anything I should do to keep him happy (so he won't keep me up all night!)? I figure the best I can do for Lola is give her a toy and a blanket that they sleep on (I'm gonna ask the vet if I can bring her bed, which is small, for the night in a cage).

Thanks in advance for any advice.