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Not having a good time of it

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About a week ago, I went in to have tooth pulled. It was so bad that they had to put me under to get to it all. The operation went smoothly, or so I was told, and I was sent home to rest. Since then, I have developed a bacterial infection at the extraction site that the antibiotics won’t touch. My face is all swollen and tender, and I look like I could go and audition for The Chipmunks and make the cut.

They are going back in today to clean out the area and get rid of the bacteria. To say I am scared is an understatement, but anything is better than living in the pain this has brought me to.

Add to that Mike’s mom was rushed to the hospital last night. She was unable to breathe and she has a high fever. They think she contacted the flu. He went to see her, but she just flat ignored him and it hurt him quite a bit. If you could keep her in your thoughts, it would be appreciated. She just turned 95 years old.
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Hissy, you, Mike and his mom are all in my prayers.

Do you need to be awake at the dentist?
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Originally Posted by hissy
My face is all swollen and tender, and I look like I could go and audition for The Chipmunks and make the cut.
You crack me up MA, Sorry I couldn´t resist to laught!

Seriously... ... count with my prayers....
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Sending lots of good }}}VIBES{{{ your way for yourself, Mike and his Mum, sending prayers too.

I hope they sort your tooth, as it must be awful to have such pain
to you!
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Oh, Mary Anne, I'm so sorry the antibiotic hasn't cleared up this nasty infection. When I had my wisdom teeth extracted, one of the sites became infected and I remember the pain was severe. You must be just miserable, and not of this is helped by the fear you already feel just having to go in to the dentist to begin with. I pray that you will feel peace in your heart today as you go in for this procedure to free you from this pain you are experiencing.
Mike must be so upset about his Mom's illness, and I know her behavior had to have really hurt him. She will certainly be in my prayers as will Mike.
Sending extra love today, MA, please feel better very soon!
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MA, Sending healing vibes for you and Mike's mom. Take care of yourself, and I hope you feel better soon!
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MA, I know you're in pain right now, but once they clean the site out, you will feel much better. All of the pressure will be gone.

Healing blessings coming.

Mike, with a fever that high, she might not have even realized you were there. Acceptance and peaceful blessings heading your way.
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Oh, ouch, I'm really sorry to hear about that, and about Mike's mom as well - I'll definitely keep you guys in my thoughts, I hope both you and she are feeling better soon!
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Wow, you guys are just getting it hard right now, aren't you? Your entire family are in my prayers - for health, happiness, and sanity during this time.

Love to you all!

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I'm so very sorry. You'll be in my prayers.
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You are all in my thoughts and prayers. It's best to get the bacteria cleaned from that area. It will take away a lot of the pain.
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I agree with Hope!, you'll feel a whole lot better with it cleaned up!!
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Oh you poor dear,,,
I know that tooth aches are one of the worst pains because they just encompass you, there is nothing you can do do to ignore it. But although the dentist appointment sounds daunting, afterwards you will be so glad you went, they will make you feel ALLLL betterrr. I will keep you and Mike and his mom in my thoughts, sincere well wishing vibes coming your way from texas!!!!
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Man! You all have just been slammed these last few months! I don't know why "the universe" feels it necessary to pile it on, and kick you when you're down, but it sure does seem to happen that way.

You, Mike, and Mike's mom are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope Mike understands that, in the elderly, high fevers/illness can affect their cognitive function temporarily. She's not herself right now, and her behavior during his visit is not a true reflection of her feelings for him. When she's feeling better, she'll get back to her old self.

Stay strong, and take care of yourselves!
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oooh Mary Anne that tooth's gotta hurt. I'm sorry it hurts - good that you're going to the dentist to get it sorted though. Hopefully it will be all better soon.

Special thoughts for Mike and his mum right now too - I hope she recovers soon and gets back to normal with Mike

Hugs to you all
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ANd i thought braces was bad, right at the back tooth where the last piece of metal is, for me it keeps on getting swelled up and infected each time they have to remove the tarter. Its really gross. I took it out my self with one of those sharp things the dentist had well it was a mistake that i did it because
1. i couldnt stop bleeding
2. it got infected.
as soon as tarted builds up again ( i know how gross) it doesnt get infected anymore.
Im sending you my prayers and my vibes for you and mike, and His mother.
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Sorry to hear all the problems MA. I have my fingers crossed for you and your mother in law!
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You, Mike, and your mother-in-law are in my thoughts. You've certainly been having a rough time of it recently, and I can only hope that the tide soon changes. Hang in there, M.A..
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Oh, MA! What else is going to get thrown at you?? I'm sorry to hear about your infection, and Mike's Mum's illness, and her ignoring him -- many to you all. Hoping and praying that things settle down soon for all of you, and everyone feels better.
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Yikes! My prayers and thoughts are with the whole family MA!
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I'm so sorry you're going through such an incredibly difficult time right now. I hope that when the dentist cleans out the infected area, you'll feel like it's all more bearable. I know, however, that just going to the dentist causes you much anxiety. I'm sending many calming vibes and prayers your way. I'll also be praying for Mike's mom. Stay strong. We love you.
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MA, trust me when I say you WILL feel better once the site is cleaned out. I had the same thing happen when my wisdom teeth were pulled.
Everything everyone has said about Mike's Mom seems very true, my Grandpa was the same way.
At that though, you, Mike, and his Mom are all in my thoughts and prayers
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May they take good care of you when they clean the infected area again and prayers for all three of you Mary Anne.
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Lots of prayers and hugs for you and Mike, my friend, prayers for his mom too
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OMG!!! You poor thing!! You all have been through SO much lately!
I am keeping you in my prayers and also sending ALL positive healing vibes your way. Also, you might tell your DH that with his Mom having a high fever and her advanced age, that it is NOT abnormal for her to not be acting quite like herself!
((HUGS)) to you! --GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just read this...I am so sorry all this is going on. I had no idea you had developed an infection...I'm glad it's being taken care of today, and hope that now you can really recover, and that they give you decent pain meds this time.

I will keep the three of you in my thoughts and prayers,
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As I have told you privately, PLEASE keep a careful eye on this, and keep your doctor informed about it.
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I'm okay, I have survived the visit. I feel much better and am on new painkillers and new antibiotics. I go back on Thursday for a check-up exam. The pressure is gone now and my nose is getting its feeling back. I was thinking I was going to have to change my board name to NumbNose.

Really guys, I feel much better and appreciate the prayers and good thoughts. My dentist is quite concerned and has made several phone calls already tonight to check up on me. Said that what has happened to me is not normal-
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Mega NYC good health and quick recovery vibes to you MA, Mike and his Mom. Dental pain IMO, is right up there with kidney pain and childbirth! If you can, bring your Walkman with you to drown out the dental noise!
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I was thinking I was going to have to change my board name to NumbNose.
Can we call you "NN" then for short? I'm glad you are feeling better and that you have the visit behind you now. They should be able to find some antibiotic that works for you! Sending healing vibes for you and your MIL
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