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Wish me luck - start Weight Watchers Core Today

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We've done it. Today my husband and I start the weight watchers Core plan. So much to learn!

If anyone has tips or recipes, I'd be glad to hear them.

Wish us luck and health!
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You'll love it!!!. Although ours is Weight Watchers, here in the UK ours isn't called the core plan but "Switch" but it's the same.

We have "No count" where your allowed so many points for the week, but can have as much potatoes, pasta etc...or theres the "Full choice" where you point everything.

I stick with the full choice because i know if i went with no count my eyes would be bigger than what my stomach was when it came to piling my plate!
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Good luck to you both!
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Fantastic, Tracey, how wonderful for you! You are really taking a big step in improving your help, way to go! We're all here cheering you on!
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Oh Tracey, that is terrific. How did you talk DH into going? Are you both going to the meetings? I have tried to get jerry to go, but no way. Let us know how your doing ok? I have done WW points, and I lost alot of weight once on it.
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We are doing on-line WW - hubby is not into public weigh in-s. But on-line is AOK. He and I both are really trying to embrace it. After two years on low carb - it is a difficult start.

I had just told him that I was tired of gaining weight - 50 lbs since my company announced their move... the agony of trying to figure out we should move, could we afford to move and then actually moving - well, low carb and any other resemblence to watching what I eat went out the window. He admitted the same - plus that he was starting to get out of breath and flushed (high blood pressure) - Plus I told him we needed to be around longer for the kids... Cats and loooooong lived parrots.

Hubby and I both went to Dick's sporting goods this weekend - they were having a clearance sale on recumbent stationary bikes - so we splurged and got two. I am proud to say that we just got off from doing our first 15 minutes!

Today and tomorrow I took vacation days - so this was really good day to start.
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i need to lose wieight also but i dont know about joining those weight watchers groups, Ive only got 10 kgs to lose for my height to be in a normal healthy range
EVer since ive moved ive put on all the weight and eating alot more.
My mum thinks im pregnant but im definetely not
So yes if anyone is keen on helping me also hehe i would appreciate it!
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Fawn please learn from my experiences while being 10 kgs to lose is nothing when you think about it that way, If I lose 10 kgs - the health risks that are staring me in the face are lessened by a great deal. If I were you, I'd start thinkging of the ways that enabled you to get up to 10kgs over - and start adressing them now - before you are like me an others.... we have 100 or pounds (45kg( to lose! That just kind snuck up on some occasions!

If you have a weight watchers in your area or something similiar if WW hasn't gone into germany yet - I'd seriously would direct you in that direction. The meetings in person were not for me - but they may be for you. On-line WW - kives me the nutrution research capabilites I need, and accountability.
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Let me second what Tracey is saying. I learned what yo-yo dieting meant, and what it does, by doing it. I worried about my weight from the age of 10 on, and while I'd lose all the weight in the early years, as time went by, each time I gained it back, I gained more until I landed where I was 2 years ago. It was deeply frightening, and I was getting too close to being disabled.

I wish with all my heart, that I had made a permanent change the last time I lost all the weight (back when I was 30). There are things I now can not change, can not fix, I must deal with what is *now*, but if I had a choice, I'd never have chosen this.

Value taking care of your health, including your weight, and make any changes needed now. Do any learning about how you use food, why you eat what and when you eat, *now*, and work it out.

You *can* do it, there is a lot of wisdom on this board
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