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I'm getting my Billy back!!!!

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We've thought long and hard, and I'm going to get rid of the feral cats outside, and get my Billy back! I'm going down to adopt him again right now! I'm so excited! My mom told me I could this morning, and I'm going to get him NOW, that's how excited I am!!! I can't wait to see my Billy Bob!!!! I miss him so much! I'm so happy that I am allowed to get him back!!!
Thank-you all for your support as I had to get rid of Billy, but now, I get him back!

I couldn't be happier!!!
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i'm so glad! dont get rid of your ferals though, just try soem feliway first. your ferals need you too!
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You must be so excited to have your Billy back home with you. Please remember how precious your ferals are also!
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Yes, I am very excited to have him back.... however, the Feli-Way will not stop the attacks.... we are going to give up the ferals completely.... to a shelter. I know they need me, but.... I can't. I love them very much, but I love my Billy more.
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Just realize that unless you are surrendering the ferals to a no-kill shelter that works with ferals, they will be PTS in short order. Most shelters don't have the resources to socialize ferals and as they are without a lot of work, they are "unadoptable".
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There seems to be a problem.... when I brought Billy back home, and showed my other cat, CJ, it was like she didn't even recognize him! She started biting, and hissing, and clawing, and chasing him! He remebered her, but it was like she didn't remember him! And she is very much a sweety, so I don't understand why she'd behave like this. Could she have forgotten him already? He was only gone 2 days.
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That would be because she doesn't recognize him. He smells strange, like the shelter and stress, and cats recognize each other by scent. Her scent hasn't changed which is why he recognized her.

They need to be separated and go through the introduction process. Here is an article to guide you through it: I'd Like You To Meet...
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how long ago was billy neutered? it might take a while for those hormones to get out of his system. in a month or two the ferals might be able to stay without bothering him.
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He's getting neutered tomorrow.
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he *should* calm down a lot after that and wont be so territorial.
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I sure hope so!!!
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oh you put billys pictures back up! i guess i'll have to think of a new name for my fish. lol
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LOL, if you want to, you can still name it Billy. I don't mind. That's if YOU want to.
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had to explain to my bf why i wanted to call my fish billy. he was like "your naming your fish after a cat you dont know!". lol
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LOL! Well, I thought it was a very nice gesture, and I appreciated it!
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
He's getting neutered tomorrow.
Cassie, awww what good new! my best wishes for him!
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Best of wishes with the neuter,, I was scared to death to do Conner's, but it went great and he is still the same old boy he's always been!!!
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Yay, I'm so happy Billy is coming back, good luck to him when he gets neuter.
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Yay! I'm really excited for you! But please, your ferals are precious too....isn't there some other way?
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I will do all I can for the ferals. It may not seem like it by the way I have said things, but, I love the ferals very much. I love Billy more, though. I've raised Billy since he was little. The ferals are both very young, and they are GORGEOUS! We will keep an eye on them, and if they don't find a home, I'm sure we will do something. There is a no-kill shelter, but they aren't accepting animals right now, due to recent damage thanks to the hurricanes. However, we are going to keep the ferals in our "barn-like" building until they are weaned, and stay away from they until then. Then, if the no-kill shelter is accepting animals, we will bring the mothers to the no-kill shelter, and the kittens to the other shelter, because they WILL find a home.
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Well, Billy's officially an "it" now!!!! He was neutered yesterday, and is doing fine. He's a little sore, but, we gave him some of his pain meds this morning. YAY! I'm just so happy I got my Billy back!!!
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