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suicide bombers

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Did anyone see "Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber" last night? I recently read an article about them, but it really wasn't anything like actually seeing pictures of the devestation they cause. These particular ones had done their dirty deeds in Israel. As I sat there wondering how these people go on with thir lives knowing this could happen anywhere, anytime, it hit me. We, Americans, are now these people! I refuse to live in constant fear! Fear is not going to prevent it, it is only going to make our lives a constant battle, playing right into their hands! While I am very sorry for the sick and the dead in this time of tragedy, I am going on about my life! Sure, even in this disgustingly small town, we make a few preparations, food, water, cat supplies, etc., but we would do that if we were expecting a hurricane. I have a whole new respect for the people of Israel and Ireland, and I hope we Americans can take it as seemingly well as these brave folks! Thanks for letting me rant!!!
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I think I saw that the other nite. As diseased as their minds are there was this one guy that I had to laugh at since his dirty deed did not go as planned.

For those of you who didn't catch the show, he was always told that if he did do this that he would be in Heaven and have 72 virgins come to his side and he would do whatever he pleased with them, (one of many ridiculous brainwashed lies stored in his memories); well, his mission was to blow up a check point into Isreal. The blast ignited, but did not ignite the other ones!!! So, although not deadly to him, obviously was enough reason for surgery. As he was coming out of the anesthesia, he said..."Am I in heaven?" Where are the women, the virgins?" The doc's were quite dismayed and said, no, you're not in Heaven. He said, No, I must be in Heaven...again, the doc's assured him that he was in the hospital. This went on and a bit of dissension stirred and they even mentioned that God was not a God of lust and that his intentions were lustful...he gave some lame exucse about that and he went on until one of the doc's said "Would they let Isreali's in Heaven? HAHAHA...That shut him up! He was so stupid, that he actually told that story to millions. His family was appalled at what he did. They had no idea that he belonged to this terrorist group. He had a wife and a couple of girls I think. His brothers were very angry stating that they wanted to tell the terrorist group leaders to send their "own sons" out there to get blown up! Very good idea! We'd see how many suicide bombs would take place then....huh?

That was a great show...there's been lots to learn off of that particular station, I very rarely watch TV; however, that show was one that I didn't want to miss.

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