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New here

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Greetings fellow cat lovers!

I am new here and thought I would introduce myself. I was owned by 1 silly cat, and now I am owned by 2 cats. The latest I adopted from a woman that rescued it from being dumped in a small wooded area by her owners. I am a mother of 4 ( 2 are fully grown now) and a grandmother to 1. I am a single mom that is disabled. I also have a dog that is 5 months old and a rabbit. There is no end to the excitement and fun(sometimes not always fun) with all my compainions, and I love them all. They definately keep me from being alone and bored to death.

I have had the new cat for about 4 days now, and I was concerned that she might be pregnant. The woman that rescued her had other cats, I do not know if they where male or female, I just know that they where persian. I have been trying to look up information on the internet about this because I have not had this issue before. My other pets are all spayed. This one the woman said she had kept the cat for two months and new very little about her. No Vacs and unknown if she was spayed or not. I guess that means that all she did was take her in to keep her off the street but she did little else. If this cat has kittens I will more then likely keep them all even though it would be a bit if a finacial hardship, but they would all be spayed or nuetered and fully vacinated.
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Hi, Tina, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!Congratulations on your new addition! Sounds as if you stay pretty busy! I certainly hope you will be able to get your new little girl into the Vet soon to learn if she is pregnant and what vaccines are necessary at this time. Please keep us updated as you learn more and how she is fitting in with her new family! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome to TCS, and thank you so much for taking this girl in!
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Welcome to the site Tina! I'm glad you were able to give this new kitty a wonderful (and responsible ) forever home.
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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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i have done lots of checking on the internet yesterday and all the vets I saw answering questions say if cat is pregnant not to vaccinate until after kittens are weaned. They say that the vacs can cause problems with pregnancy or developement of kittens, even when nursing. So I will find out more as I go along.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. WE all appreciate it. I wish I knew how to link to photos of them but I am afraid I will not understand it.
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Welcome to TCS Tina

so very glad you joined us!!! sounds like you have a wonderful family there (both fur & human!!)
I sure hope you are able to get your new little one to the vet or find out if she is indeed pregnant.... you will love it here and will help out as much as we can!!

i can certainly help explain how to post pictures on here or you could email me some and I can put them up for you to start with

welcome again from me & my boys
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Welcome to TCS & family! Thank you for taking in that poor little cat! When you find out more, please let us know!
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Welcome to TCS! AS many have said thank you for taking in this little girl, and for taking care of her. Spaying and/or neutering is a great choice!
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Welcome!!! I just joined tonight myself. I have 4 cats and they are definately fun to be with. This seemed like a great site to talk about my kitties and question others when something is not right with one of them. It is nice to know that there are other people out there who believe that pets are family too, not "just a cat."
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi Tina!

Welcome to TCS.
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