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separation anxiety

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Both mine and his! So, I've posted a few things about Obi, whom I rescued a little over one month ago. He was a semi-feral and is doing really well. Problem is, my husband and I have plans to go to Death Valley for four days at the end of the month. Obi does not tolerate anyone but us (hides under the bed when others come over and refuses to come out), so a pet sitter is out of the question. We can get someone to feed him, etc, but when Obi becomes anxious his appetite all but disappears. I'm worried that if we leave him home alone for four days, he'll get anxious and stop eating. He has rapidly become dependent on us for affection (and vice versa ). Will he think he's been abandoned again, like he was at the train station where I found him? We'll be unreachable in Death Valley, so while the person looking after his food, etc will have our permission to take him to the vet if he becomes ill, him refusing to eat is another matter entirely. Ack! Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I'm worried about it. And before you ask, while we could cancel our trip, the purpose is to see one of the most spectacular wildflower displays that Death Valley has seen in perhaps 50 years. If we don't go, we miss it, so I'd rather not miss out unless you all think it would be much better for Obi if we stayed. Should we maybe stay out overnight sometime next week, and see how he handles that, as a trial run? Ack!
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Do you have anyone that comes over to your house on a regular basis that you could give Obi more exposure to? If you could get him to accept at least the presence of another person, it might be easier for him.

Another thought - if he is cage tolerant at all, perhaps board him at your vets? If can handle the cage, they can keep an eye on him to make sure he is eating at least.

Going away overnight may be a good test for him. I'd hate to see you miss out on the wildflowers (that sounds really cool!!).

I feel for ya - have 2 semi ferals at home aged close to 9 years old that few people have ever seen. I am lucky that nothing prevents them from eating.
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I think it will be fine. As long as food and water are there for him, he should be all right...

I've left my guys alone (no one coming in) for three days, and during the last holiday season, I left for 6 days. Simon was only 6 months old, and Pengy was just beginning to interact. I came home and while it was obvious they missed me and I missed them, there was no long term problem.

Go and enjoy the flowers...and then love on Obi when you come home. You will both survive this.

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Do you know who's going to be watching Obi? Perhaps if that person came to visit before hand and left a nice sweaty shirt with you to leave in Obi's room, he'd get used to that person's smell and not be so freaked out...
Just a thought, I have no idea if it would work.

The wildflowers trip does sound really cool. If you go, take pictures and post them!
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