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Cat using litter box AND floor?!

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My mom has had a cat for about two years now. He's actually pretty overweight and weighs a good 25lbs if not larger. The reason I am posting is because of his new "problem" with the litter box. The litter box is PLENTY large enough for him and is cleaned out regularly. He has used the same brand of litter for two years...but now I'm getting tired of the new problem. What is the problem you ask? He is using the bathroom OUTSIDE of the box. He will be...doing his business...and he will jump out of the box before he is "finished" and just walks around like nothing is up and an unsuspecting human will walk into a bedroom and *SMOOSH* ...we don't know how to get him to stop doing this. He's driving us all nuts! It's just a recent problem too...he never did this until maybe the past 3 months! Should we just suck it up and deal with it or is there something we can seriously do about it? Thanks!
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It may also be that he can't use the litterpan because he is so obese. Try a tray with lower sides- but please take him to the vet to be checked out first for health issues.
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Since this started, have you noticed if his solid waste output has changed in any way? For example, is it runny, or still normal? This is important information for the vet to know.

Definitely get the kitty to the vet for a thorough checkup.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
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Our kitten had the same type of problem. He had a litter box that was definately big enough, and it was always clean and he used it. Then all of the sudden he kept incorporating the floor into his "routine". We bought another litter box (as silly as it sounds) and put it along the wall where he had been going. Sure enough, he stopped. Apparently, even it his litter box was clean--he wanted options! Thats a cheap alternative that may work for you as well. Hope it helps

Chris and Ashley Brasfield
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It really is not silly at all. Cats do not naturally pee and poop in the same area. If you ever get a chance to watch a wild colony you will find that they pee in one area, cover it, move off a great distance and then poop. Giving one cat two, even three litter pans not set together is always wise.
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