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Yes!!! My boyfriend taught me a couple of years ago! lol

What's your favorite cookie?
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My Grandmas! hmmmm... now what flavor? I would have to go with Tollhouse.

Do you ever do shots? If so what kind?
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I'm assuming alcoholic shots. So in that case I'm TERRIBLE at them!! I literally end up DRINKING them bc of this ridiculous gag reflex I have. Lemondrops I can handle though. Otherwise I need to have had some other drinks in me before I'll go near the shots.

Do you like wings? ANd if you do: mild, hot, teriyaki, or on fire??
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I don't eat meat. (I like fish though). I make hot tofu cubes when my BF is eating wings so I wont feel left out though.

Do you buy toys for your boyfriend? (I DON'T mean "adult" toys)
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Yeah, I'd say that I do on ocassion. Especially for his stocking at Christmas time.

Where were you when you got your first kiss?
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behind my neighbor's garage. My next door neighbor was my boyfriend and he gave me a really wet kiss. I said yuck thats messy and ran home.

How many boyfriends have you had?
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Well SERIOUS long-term boyfriend's: 2. But, if we're counting all boyfriends from middle school on....I think it would be about 6 lol. (BTW I love your kiss story hahaha)

Who was your first crush?
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My highschool sweetheart! I had a crush on him in Band and on one other boy in English class. The guy in band asked me out. I couldn't believe it! (Wet kisses were ok by then ) BTW, we are both in VERY HAPPY relationships now, but we still email each other once in awhile!

Where were YOU when you got your first kiss (is that fair since it was already asked?) ok I'll add another question. How old were you?
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Well my first PECK from a boy was standing outside on the sidewalk in middle school. He had to stand on the sidewalk while I stood below since I was taller than him, and our friends were standing around waiting for us to kiss. I was 12 then I think, but that doesn't really count for a REAL kiss. My first wet one was when I was 14, 9th grade, in a flight simulator at the boardwalk in Daytona Beach (which is just south of my hometown). HOW CHEESY!!!!!!!!!

Did you put your name with every boy you ever had a crush on's last name to see what it would be like if you got married (say when you were back in middle school)?
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Of course I put our names together. Thats mostly what I doodled rather than taking notes. (Your kissing story is cute too. I LOVE the Daytona boardwalk! Haven't thought about it for awhile, but it would be a good day trip. I'm in Brevard county - too bad the pier got so damaged in that hurricane a few years ago).

What was the most trouble you got in when you were still living home?
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When I was in 6th grade I graffitied the wall ball courts at school. It sounds awful, but I swear to you I didn't realize it was so terrible. The courts were already doodled all over and I just added to it! However, I was SUCH an idiot because I put my FULL NAME! Man did I deserve to get caught!!!!!

...You should take a trip to Daytona! The pier did get damaged in '99 I think it was, but you can still go a way's out. Last time I walked down the pier was just a couple of years ago, so it's fine. You're so close to me! Howdy neighbor!

What was your harshest punishment?
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harshest punishment... I was 5 and my brother and I decided to color ALL OVER the wallpaper. My Mom very camly (not in her nature - we KNEW we were in for it) took us to the store and bought a GIANT eraser. We spent ALL DAY erasing.

I need to get back to work in a minute. They're BOTHERING me. Fun talking to you, Katiepixiedust!

Do you go to the pier much? I'll let you know if we're going.
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I go sometimes when I'm at my parents for a few days in a row. I might go sometime this week since I'll be there Mon-Thurs for Spring Break.

BOO on work, actually expecting you to do something! HA!

WHat's your favorite season?
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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
WHat's your favorite season?[/font]

What music(bands) do you like?
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