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Ford Falcon V8

What time did you get up this morning?
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What are your plans for the day?
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Work then dancing this evening.

What does your mother nag you about most?
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Money. Mainly are you saving enough

What color are your eyes?
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When was the last time you had a professional photo taken?
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Senior Year of high school (8 years ago).

How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?
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1 half sister and 1(ex) step sister

Who do you live with?
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It's just me and my two cats, Milo and Koa!

What is your favorite candy?
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Fruit Burst jelly beans!

What is your favourite juice?
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Apple Juice!

What is your #1 mode of transportation?
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Do you use free email? (Hotmail..etc)
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I use hotmail.

Do you believe in God?
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Yes, I believe in God.

What color is your hair (natural or unatural, I won't tell) ;-)
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It's dishwater blonde.

What do you like with your pancakes?
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Blueberries or peaches cooked in, grade "b" maple syrup, butter on top.

One person (living or dead) you'd like to be trapped in an elevator with.
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Jon Bon Jovi!

How many loads of washing do you do per day?
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about 1-2.

what pets do you own other then cats?
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1 dog and 2 puppies.

What is the most productive thing you have done today?
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Besides take care of this baby here at work, probably vaccuum.

What time do you work/have school Monday?
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I am supposed to be there for 1:30, but I don't think i'm going to make it - again!

What was the last film you watched?
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what is your favorite hobby/craft?
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I would have to say knitting! At the moment, anyway, as my present art work is revolving around knitting!

Where is your favourite place to visit/have visited?
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petsmart, to visit, i love looking at all the fish and hamsters. and have visited, ummm i don't really have favorite have visited.
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You forgot to ask a question!

I'll ask one...
What does your ideal mate look like??
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for me, like my boyfriend... 5'10", 158 lbs., long blonde hair with strong shoulders (can you tell I'm in LOVE? )

What do you like to do on the weekends (or whatever time you have off from work)?
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Lately, I like to search for a new kitten to adopt! I also like to sleep, take bubble baths, clean the house (yes, I like cleaning!) and go to the beach/go out in the boat when it's warm.

What was your favorite cartoon as a child (or now)?
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Top Cat!

Do you post on any other forums and what kind are they?
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I don't post on any other forums. I do have a livejournal and facebook account though.

What did you do yesterday?
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I worked and then picked up my car from the repair shop,then ate dinner with my parents.

What's your least favorite chore?
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Hard to say. I don't really mind the chores, but getting started is the hard part. Once I see some progress I start to enjoy it. I guess if I had to pick one, I'd say laundry, but thats because I have to go to the laundrymat.

Do you know how to eat an artichoke?
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