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too many cats?

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I have one kitten (approx 6 mo old) that I rescued recently. We live in a small place (approx 700 square feet) and are renting. We hadn't planned to get any cats/kittens until we got our own home, but Obi found us not the other way around! Anyway, we don't intend to try for a home for another 2 or 3 years. So we'll remain in this place until then (low rent, so we can save up). Given this small space, how many cats is too many? Both my mother (who calls Obi her grandkitten) and my husband think Obi should have a sibling to play with. I'm a bit concerned that we don't have room for a second cat. So, advice? What is best for Obi? Should we find a sibling who needs a home, or let him remain an only child for a few years until we get more space?
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Hi Obi,

700 sq ft for 2 people and 2 cats will be fine. I had a small one bedroom apartment by myself and with 6 cats without a problem. As long as you have a room with a door that you can use to separate the cats if there is a problem, then I am sure that Obi would appreciate a playmate. Two cats who get along well together take up the same amount of space as one cat, except you will probably want 2 litter boxes. You can also make more 'space' in your apartment for cats by arranging furniture to provide them with access to different levels and with perching places where they can look down on the world:-). I had storage shelves around two walls of my bedroom (no place else to store things), and the cats loved to climb on top of the shelves and boxes. My stairs were inside and they also loved to climb a 2 x 4 that I used as a tent ridgepole and stored in the stairwell. My cats have a lot more room to run in now, but also fewer levels and perching places than they had before. I think if given the choice between the two options, they would want a variety of heights to explore rather than the amount of floor space.

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Just wanted to agree that 700 sq ft is fine for 2 cats and 2 people. That's what I have going on now. I don't know about half a dozen... but two will be fine. We have two litter boxes... one downstairs under the staircase and one upstairs in the bathroom. We have a staircase that they love chilling on and chasing each up and down... even if you don't have a staircase I'm sure they'll love chasing each other throughout the place!
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I have a similar set up as many of you. To address your concern about your place being too small, I wouldn't worry. I have a 650sqft. place w/two cats. I had one for awhile, but really wanted to get him a playmate. No problems at all. I bought a tall cat tree and they have shelves they enjoy climbing on. And they have pretty much the run of the house. I love having two cats in the house. We've created a great little family together!
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Congratulations on being adopted. The same thing happend to me in august. We did get her a playmate and it was the best thing we could have done. She seems so much happier now. Very serene. We have a one bedroom, Not many square feet. Our window ledges are wide and high up so they play games on them, I would definetly make sure they have a kitty condo or something to climb on though. Their are cat lofts and all kinds of things you can get if you want to conserve space.
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I have a small apartment too. 2 cats may be too much with the size apartment you have. and since you'e had one then truf wars may begin and that whole mess. I'd say stick with one until you get a bigger place.
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I live in a studio apartment (not sure how many square feet, but it's definitely not huge [not *too* tiny, either, though]), and I have four cats and one person, and we're totally comfortable, so I definitely think you could manage two with no problem.
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We have 3 cats and 2 people in a 861 sq. ft. apartment, which is fine (except that we own too much stuff. It's bad for humans, paradise for cats)
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