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Kiss my nose please?

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Tango would like some kisses on her pretty little nose if you could spare some
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Aw!!! And what a sweet little nose that is!
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Aw, what a cute little pink nose!
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There you are Tango! What a beautiful pink nose
post #5 of 19 cute!
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I love your nose tango!
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What a cutie!
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Coitently miss Tango could have a kiss!!

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I just love little pink noses!
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Yes - kisses, kisses for you Tango!!!!
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Aww.. she's so cute!! She says : "Heellooo... How does this camera work!?"
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Here is a kiss for you Tango.
You are so pretty.
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What a cutie!!
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good grief Tango - come over here to Aunty Dan - you need lots of kisses on that nose!!!
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here you are sweetie muaaaaah
Cute pic´s ashley!
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Bijou says he would like a little kiss.
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