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TNR: Mass Trapping & How to Deal with Municipalities
Animal Welfare Federation of NJ Conference 2005
Friday, April 1, 2 to 5 p.m.
Ocean Place Resort
Long Branch, NJ
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To be successful, activists implementing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) must work effectively with both the cats and the community. This three-hour workshop, co-presented by Neighborhood Cats and Rebecca Hess of the NJ Animal Rights Alliance, will address both aspects. First, a thorough presentation will be made (including video from actual TNR projects) on how to conduct a "mass trapping" - the TNR of an entire feral colony at once. Because mass trapping immediately stabilizes the colony's numbers and eliminates nuisance behavior overnight, it is the preferred method whenever possible. Available New Jersey resources for facilitating mass trapping, including low cost spay/neuter, training and volunteer assistance, will also be presented. Second, the workshop will focus on how to persuade municipalities to allow and support TNR programs. Topics will include how to address liability, public health and wildlife concerns, how to formulate your pro-TNR argument in terms of effective animal control, and what needs to be in place organizationally on the TNR activists' side in order to follow through when a program is accepted.