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A cure for snoring

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Anyone out there have a partner who snores??

I do. He doesn't keep me awake - but does wake lil kitty up. Well....she's found a way to make him stop.

Tonight hubby was taking a nap and started to snore. Lily and me were snuggling, when hubby started to snore, she sat and watched him for a while. Then, (I reckon she thought he was in pain ) she walked over and stood with all four paws on his cheek. As she stood there she squashed one of his nostrils, so hubby had to open his mouth to breathe. Hey presto....he stopped snoring .

Then to make sure he wasn't upset by him, she crawled down to his feet and licked his toes.

A bit later...he started to snore again. So Lily did the same again and he stopped snoring . Figuring that she'd cottoned on to a good idea - she got some practice in and managed to do this another 5 times before hubby finally woke up.

Clever kitty
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Go Lily!! Now that's a kitty who takes matters into her own paws.
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Wow definitely clever kitty! Can I borrow her... I need to cure a snorer!
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Sure Ari - I think she'll be in demand. Good job she only weighs 3.5 pounds - he wouldn't be quite so impressed if she weighed the same as Addie
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Too Cute! I just smack my hubby (not hard) until he rolls over on his side.
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What a smart cat!! . Can I have her for a while ? I really can use her!! Hubby snores so loud you can hear him 3 rooms away! And we live in a small apt so I sleep very little . I will take very good care of your kitty if you will let me . I wish my cats would do this, but I think they like to hear my husband snoring, My female will actually sleep right next to his head , crazy cat.
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my kitty isnt bothered, If he snores i will close his nostrils and mouth untill he moves over and wakes up
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