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The Black Avenger is looking for love....

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Hopefully not in all the wrong places. Hi, my name is Toussaint Tequila L'Overture. I am 8 months old. I am a sweet adventuress boy who shares a home with my mommy and my sister the menance (also known as Valentine thief)
Here is a lil more about me. I love water, I know kinda weird but I cant help it. I love going walkies with my superman harness. Bease says they are butterfly wings buts I prefer to think of them as the Black Avenger wings. I am very spoiled and pampered by mommy but I think it makes me a better kitty-man, because I now know how to spoil in turn. I love watching spongebob and I am addicted to food. It is my first love, so if you dont mind being second to food you are the kitty girl for me!

Here I am looking thoughtful

Here I am in my snazzy Black Avenger shirt!

And in my even snazzier Black Avenger wings!
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Aww that little coat is so cute. It wont take long to find a little play mate. Its a shame Martini is twice his age!
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Hi Toussaint Tequila L'Overture - what a wonderful name. If I can slip away from my older sisters I'll be your valentine. My name is Lili 'a nani - my meowmy sez it means Beautiful Lily and they call me Lily for short. I'm only 20 weeks old - would you like to enjoy a junior Valentine's with me? My meowmy sez I'm too young for a real date . I think you're vvveeerrryyy handsome . Here's my picture
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Toussaint Tequila L'Overture aka The Black Avenger , do you have a nickname? You're very handsome!
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He's gorgeous, good luck finding him a Valentine's Date.
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Yes, I do have a nickname. Tousse is my nickname.
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Teufel: Na dude, you just mentioned youre a valentine stealer! dont steal my valentine on monday! beacuse you look exactly like me and how will sophie know that youre being my imposter??
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The Black Avenger: Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Yes Tuefal! You better beware or when you look your young Valentine may not be there!
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Oh Toussaint Tequila L'Overture, what a heart stealer you are!! But unfortunately all of my girls are way, way too old! But they wouldn't mind smothering you with grandmotherly kisses!!
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