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And the waiting begins.....

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I baited & set out all 6 traps at 4:00 (eastern time) & Im just waiting ... I have such butterflies in my stomach its not funny !!! Im trying not to stare at the traps 24/7 ... kinda like if you stare at a pot of water on the stove it wont boil but I am checking them like every 2 min. LOL

Will keep yall posted!!! Please keep fingers crossed! I'll be happy to trap just 1 but praying to fill at 6 traps!

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Good luck...and remember the back up KFC if needed.

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is this for the 10 ferals you have been feeding - mentioned in another thread?

Good luck - you're doing a wonderful thing . I hope you manage to fill all 6 but any trap filled will be a tremendous achievement. We're with you all the way
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Yes we have 10 ferals!!! Just a quick update, at 6pm we trapped 1 of the kittens the 1 we call "Moo" so far the rest are just checking out the traps but then leave! May put some chix out here shortly ... its only 745 & I have til midnight so Im trying to relax & if nothing else I got one!!!!!

Will keep yall posted!!!
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Good luck!
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another check-in, its 9:10pm & we've not trapped another cat yet I guess I was pretty silly to think Id fill all 6 traps like that!!! I guess just wishful thinking!!!! O'well Ive got 1 so far & crossing my fingers to hopefully trapped another 1 or 2

will check back soon!
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Originally Posted by animalprint4me
I guess I was pretty silly to think Id fill all 6 traps like that!!! I guess just wishful thinking!!!!
I wouldn't say it was silly. It's hard to forecast how ferals will react. The first time my neighbor put out traps, she pulled in 11 cats/kittens over the course of a couple of hours. YMMV, of course, but here's hoping when I check this thread in the morning you've successful caught most if not all of them
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Don't fret my dear! Sometimes you get on a roll and other times you simply have no luck. I've caught 12 in a week after waiting 4 months without catching any.

You go girl!
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Good for you for getting Moo, and the rest will come when it's time for them to come.

The only cat I've ever tried to trap was Pengy, and it took a month...this year, though, I suspect I will be more active in my community in trapping, neutering and rehoming/releasing.

Good luck, be patient, and again congratulations on Moo!!!

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Thanks yall!!! Well its 12:03am...I all Ive got is Moo I was so hoping to trap atleast 1 more!!! I did see Moo's sibling the other kitten that has similar markings but our neighbors pulled in their driveway & unloaded their car ... looks like they'd be out of town on a trip ... they just finished unloading & have turned their front porch light off so Im going to give "Spot" 15min. & if by then the traps are still empty Im pulling them in for the nite & Pray I have better luck next week!

Any advice on what I could of/should do differently?!?

Im excited I got Moo he/she is our favorite And hey atleast thats 1 down 9 to go LOL ... and 1's better than none!
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Congratulations on getting Moo. Hopefully next week the others can be caught.

Stacey, Princess, Patsy, George, Sweetie and Blackie
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Just wanted to give yall a last update before Im off to bed. Just finished feeding the baby so thought Id pop on & let yall know the final verdict!!!

Well I rechecked the traps at 1230am & thought they were all empty, well my dog runs up to one & starts smelling it & then he goes to do his "business" and sure enough Coal was in a trap ... YAY I got him/her & Im so happy b/c Coal & Moo are litter mates so atleast their together! Never saw Spot but I guess he/she will have to wait til next week ... but YAY I got 2 WoooHooooo !!!!

Well Im off to bed, Ive got to get up at 6am in order to get myself, my 4 1/2 yr. old & my 11 wk. old ready to head out hte door for 730 to get the kitties to the SPCA for 8!

Will let yall know how they do tom!!!!
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Nice Job! I'm glad you got Coal too.
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YAY!!!! That's two more kitties heading for a better life. I'm filled with admiration It's wonderful what you're doing for them. Hopefully you'll be able to get the others soon.
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