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Hi Candy,
I can't see your page. I tried the other day too and got the same message..."Whoooooops, can't find your page"? :confused3:

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Thanks for putting my feline friends on your web pages! I was wondering, though, if you're going to have an orange-tabby page. If so, my buddy Guido Jeffrey and my friend Jaws would like to be there. Also, could you change the "owner" of Purr Jam to "Kristin L. Kidd"? Thank you, very much!

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Mr. Cat, from my understanding, Guido Jeffrey and Jaws are both cream tabbies aka ginger tabbies aka orange tabbies. They are definitely not red tabbies.

Catarina, the only thing that I can think of is that I was working on the page while you were trying to access it. Has anyone else had problems?
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Hi Candy :angel2:

I went back to your site again, it's now 11:05 pm EST and this is the message that came up on the next page after I pressed on the button/hyperlink for the "Red Tabby":

The web page you are trying to access doesn't exist on Yahoo! GeoCities.
Try a search or visit our help area for more information. Bummer I think if it's not a geocities browser problem, I may have my computer looked at tomorrow. I am experiencing some very aggravating things, but nothing like this. I just spent quite a bit of money for an antivirus etc...dang thing better be workin'! LOL...

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to see Opie up there of course! LOL....I have taken a look around and you've certainly put in a lot of work! Good going girrrl! The cats are beautiful...I haven't even had a chance to see the pups yet!

Will you keep me posted as to the possiblilty that the link may be off? Take care Thanks again!

Love & Hugs,
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I had the same problem, although only with some of the categories, I could see Torties, Calico's, and on down the list, but nothing above...kinda odd.
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I've the same problem! That's why I asked about an "orange tabby" category, as the "cream tabby" one produced the "duh" message alluded to by the posters above.

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The reason that this is happening is because an old file (from my we page) hasn't been refreshed in your cache. Try reloading the page. I made a couple changes and deleted pages to 1) clarify things and 2) accomodate more pictures. The page that you are trying to get to, Catarina, has been renamed. If you reload the page, it should work just fine. I had this problem with my own PC. After I refreshed it, everything was fine.
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Yay! It works! Thanks again for making my little buddies inter-net stars! Keep up the great work!

P.S.: Could you do me one last little favor? Please indicate the owner of Jaws to be Elizabeth J. Haran. Thank you!


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