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Pictures of Your Kitties!

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Hi all! I am wondering if any of you would donate pictures of your beautiful cats to my website. I am going to make a page dedicated to different breeds. I would include the picture, your name (if you want), the cat's name and a short note about your cat and it's breed. If you are interested you can email me at or just post here! Thanks!
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All my cats, past and present, are of the domestic short-hair persuasion. So, do you still want pictures of them?

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Hi Candy,
I just took in a roll of film of my 8 week old kittens, 2 are Siamese mix, one lilac/blue point, one seal/chocolate point...or so I think, I am by no means an expert!
I'll have the pics back in a couple days, if you're interested?

My other furballs are black and white tuxedo females, a 3 year old, a 7 month old, and a 8 week old...all shorthairs, all Bee-oo-tifull! :LOL:
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Sounds great you two! I am putting up pictures of all cats, whether they are pedigree or not. I have a ginger tabby that I'm posting and a calico/tortie cross. So, anything else would be awesome! You can send the picture to my email with all the other info. Thanks!
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I have Siamese cats one blue point, one seal point, and one lilac point. If you would like pictures let me know.
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WOW, you're willing to post over 2000 cats! That's some website girl!!

Love & Peace
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Hehehe. It may take awhile but I think that every color and breed is beautiful! I will take any pictures you have. Just send me one of each and I'll work it out. Thanks again!
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I sent you a photograph of Sesheta. Did you get it?

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Yes I did Mr. Cat. That is a great pictures. What color(s) is she. In the picture it looks like she is grey and white maybe with some brown. I will post that soon!
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Candy; I never pass up a chance to put my guys and gals on the WWW. I can e-mail you the urls where their pictures are stored in my webtv-Zone account along with info about them if that is the way you can get the photos (?)
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You are correct: Sesheta is gray and white with just a hint of brown in places. Since you received her photograph in good order, I'll send a few more (of other cats). Thank you!

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I just got my pics back yesterday, turned out well, but how could they not with such darling subjects?
Only prob I have is, the Siamese boys have red-eye in the pics due to their blue eyes...can you remove it?

I'll also send you a couple great shots of Cagney...she is very photogenic, as some on this site know. :LOL:
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Wow, thanks everyone. This should be a good start. I will probably do something like the chinchilla colors that I did on my page. That's here,
So, yeah, just send them to my email or give my the URL, either way is fine. I can take out red eye as well Cleo. Make sure to include what color they are since I'm not too good at kitty genetics and markings and such, your name, and your baby's name. Thanks!
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Hey all!
I need some help. I have changed gears a little bit so I will be able to post more pictures. Kind of like what I did here

Problem is, I can't decide how I want to break down the categories. I was thinking about doing it by hair length, DSH, DLH and then specific breeds but that is too broad. Any ideas?

Also, my email has been down for a couple days...I have only received one picture from Mr. Cat (Sesheta) and four pictures for Threeleggedkat. If you have sent pictures, I haven't received them. If you send then again, I will hopefully get them. I am hoping to post the start to the site within the week...maybe tonight, depending on how much I get done.

Thanks again! And keep the pictures coming!
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Ok, here's a start on the page. It will give you a hint as to what the whole thing will look like.

Mr. Cat, I had problems uploading Sesheta's picture to my site, is there somewhere else I can take it from?
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You can find Sesheta's photograph here.

Also, you can find a photograph of Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin here.

Let me know if those images upload for you; and then I'll give you some data regarding Michaela and Tonya.


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Hey Candy!! If you still want more pics I've got a few I can send ya!! Im warning you though, they are huge!! You'll have to shrink them down alot!!! Let me know if you want them!!
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Hey there Candy, I saw your site! Wow, what a lot of work and good stuff at that! I was looking through all the photos, you sure have a lot of beauties on there...I did look at the orange Dom. S/H's but saw only one of the cutie MoMo...he's a doll! I'd love to see my Opie up there with him ...I have a bunch of 'em on, but I have to invite you via email to view...'cept I put one of him right here for ya hope you like it!

I can't invite you through the CatSite email cause it doesn't work that way... anyway, do you have an email address I can send the invitation to you? I probably have missed it along the way here; but I don't have too much time to post...anyway, here's my baby Opie


Love & Peace
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Here is my email
for anyone who needs to send me pictures. I can do resizing, touch ups, etc. with the program that I have.

Catarina, I will put that picture of Opie up but if you want a different one let me know.

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Hiya Candy :angel2::daisy:

Oh thank you he's one of my little cuties...thanks for posting your email I'll send that invitation out asap!

Thanks again!

Love & Peace,
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Mr. Cat, all the pictures worked. I haven't categorized Michaela, I'm not exactly sure what colors she is. Take a look at your cutie kitties!
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Your web site is very nice! Thank you for putting up the images of Sesheta Gray, Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin!

Later today I'll post links to my other cats' photographs; and I'll describe their colors, et cetera.


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I just sent you some pics of my kids, Cagney, LilyBelle, Gilligan (who I no longer have, but is too adorable to overlook), and the kittens...
There's a lot of pics, but I couldnt decide which to send so I'll leave the decision making to you! The pics of Cagney are my faves, I've posted them here many moons ago, she takes such great pictures, her eyes just GLOW!

I think I'll go take a peek at Joes cats now...see ya!
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Oh Joe, your girls are beautiful!

And Darlene...Smokey Josephina has INCREDIBLE eyes! They rival my Cagneys, and thats saying a lot! :laughing2:

Candy, I have another pic of Lily that is too cute, I have to find it and scan it though, like I told you she's smart, and this kinda shows it :LOL:

You're doing a good job with the site, I like it!
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Well I got an email from someone (not this site) that looked at my page. She gave me a couple pages that will help me out with official names...I really needed this. Since, I'm so bad at names, this will be a good learning experience. Can anyone else help?
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Try going to the Breeds section, under TheCatSite banner at the top of page. There's a good assortment of Kitty breeds there!
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Okay, another (better) photograph of Michaela Kristin is here. She's a shades-of-gray-and-brown stripey gal.

A photograph of Camille Debra is here. She was a tortoise-shell gal.

A photograph of Guido Jeffrey is here. He was an orange tabby guy.

A photograph of Jaws is here. She was an orange kind of gal. She lived with Elizabeth J. and Terence M. Haran.

A photograph of Purr Jam is here. He's, well, P.J. He lives with Christopher J. and Kristin L. Kidd.

And, a photograph of Rita Jennifer is here. She was a calico gal.

The above-mentioned cats lived with me, except for Jaws and Purr Jam. Presently I've no available photographs of Tonya Robin, Ricky Bryan or Mister Cat himself (and no photograph was ever made of him to my knowledge).

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I must admit I have 2 reasons for posting this...

1. To bring this to the top and make it easier for drpixel (and others) to see Gilligan.


2. to just show off my Cagney and LilyBelle!

See? Shameless! :laughing2:

although, I do also think since we all have such wonderful, gorgeous, funny, photogenic Cats, we should send pics to Candy so we can ALL show off! :LOL:
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Hehehe Cleo. You are funny. Just to let you all know, I do have more pictures coming. I have had midterms all week so I have ben trying to study as much as I can. I am going to try to post some tomorrow, hopefully all the pictures I have. I am also making a page for dogs now. You can follow the link from the cat page to see it.
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I just finished putting up the rest of the pictures!

Here are the cats

and the dogs
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