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Super Bowl. Who are you going for?

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Hey, I wanna know who your going for. IM for no one. lol.

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you forgot to add for people who dont know super bowl and dont get it
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Trust me I dont get it either, I just watch for the commercials.

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You need one for:

Whoever my husband is NOT rooting for.
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The Eagles, since I was born and raised in Philly, and my junior high school typing teacher actually went on to play for them professionally (Vince Papale).
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PATRIOTS!! Why? Dunno! Just had a feeling that's who I should root for. I don't watch American Football the rest of season.
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Patriots! Tom Brady is cute...hahahaha. Plus, I've got a lot of family from various places in New England! I think my Uncle would never speak to me again if I was not a Patriots fan!
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Neither. But my boyfriend is recording it "for the commercials", or so he says... however I heard that the commercials this year aren't going to be as funny... eh well.
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I'm going for the Eagles since the Patriots have won times before...
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Originally Posted by caprice
I'm going for the Eagles since the Patriots have won times before...
Yeah, that's my rationale, too. I just always go for the underdog.

BTW, this is a great halftime show. I love Paul McCartney.
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It's a pretty good game too! I remember when I was growing up the super bowl was always boring because the game wasn't even close score wise. But at least it's still anyone's game!
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You think the Eagles can catch up? I would love to see that!
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This is EXCITING! 24 to 21 with less than two minutes left. C'mon, Eagles!!!
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This has to be one of the best Superbowls that I've seen, as far as evenly matched games. Of course, the Broncos-Packers game will always be the best in my mind, but that's because I'm a big Broncos fan!
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Blah!! Not happy with the outcome.
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I only watched for the pool we were in. Had 7/4 and 6/9 numbers on the Patriots/Eagles. Got close 3rd quarter but didn't win anything!

Oops....did I just admit to gambling?
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I was going for New England only because I hate philly more.
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