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Cat leaving terrible smell(not pee)

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Hi-Any advice on this problem is appreciated.
I have a cat that if you pick him up he will leave an awful scent on you....He is neutered(to the best of my knowledge). This smell is like no other. It is awful and I, as of lately, have picked up the smell on some furniture. Does anyone know what the cause of the smell is? or what possible actions I can take to prevent the scent in the future?

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He more than likely has impacted anal glands and he needs a vet. If he isn't neutered get him neutered as well.
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Sounds like an anal gland problem like hissy said. The anal gland scent is the most distince, fowl scent you will smell! If his anal glands are full/impacted they will constantly...hmm not sure how to put this...dribble almost. Sometimes it's not enough to see, but it's definately enough to smell! My kitties have anal gland problems and I express them periodically so they don't start to smell. The anal glands are two little sac-like openings on each side of the anus. Normally, the anal glands get expressed when a cat defecates (goes #2). However, it is not uncommon for an animal to have anal gland problems. The substance that comes from the anal glands is normally the consistancy of an oil (like canola oil or something). Sometimes, it can harden and cause discomfort and smell. All anal gland substance liquid or solid smells rancid in my opinion...it's just nausiating! Also, some cats express their anal glands accidentally when they are very happy or scared. This is another reason to get them expressed regularly, so you won't smell it every time kitty love on you.
Take your kitty to the vet and have him checked out. Until you can get him to the vet, try applying a warm compress (i.e. warm, damp paper towel or washcloth) to his hind-end area. This will help with the problem temporarily until the vet can express them and clean him up a little. Good luck
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thanks for the replies!
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I have a cat who does the same thing

He is about 10 months old, neutered, up 2 date on vaccines, snap tested, and is all around healthy .

He is the only one of my cats to have this problem. Sometimes when I am playing with him I will pull his feet back and it will just squirt out like a water gun ( I know.....sick huh?) The smell is something awful. Sometimes I will see goo just on the outside of his anus (anal gland goo i mean) and I will clean it off with a tissue so he doesnt get it on anything.

I never thought it was a big problem health wise...even though it is kinda sick and smelly...lol.

Should I briing him to the vets to have his anal glands expressed????
Now mind you I have seen how a vet expresses anal glands in dogs and it did not look pretty, actually looked alittle painful.

Could this be a problem?
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