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Make A Member Feel Good 02/06/2005

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Now that it's my turn to nominate, I've decided to pick:

I guess Kim just hasn't been able to be around lately, but to those of us who know her, she has brought a lot of laughs to TCS and won our hearts over with her four "little" felons. In past threads you can see Spot sporting his infamous "cloaking device", GoGo hogging some ping pong balls, the famous Photoshopped Zoey thread where Kim and Sicycat go head-to-head, lots of good jokes and too many others to mention altogether. Kim is also an undisputed pro in Photoshop. She just reeks with talent! (I always wanted to say that about someone. MOL!!! ) But besides all the humor, Kim has also opened up during times of need and support for others, whether she had upcoming surgery that was bothering her, or trying to reassure other members when they were going through rough times. Kim, maybe you can't find the time to be around, but it doesn't mean that we don't miss you or have forgotten you. Here's just a handful of threads. If you don't know Kim that well, check them out and have a laugh. If you know Kim... check them out and have another laugh.

Ping Pong Ball Thief (Does he look guilty to you? )

GoGo's Real Feelings (If looks could kill)

How Softicecream Is Really Made (The shocking horror! News at 11. )

The Sheer Evil Of Penguins (Never turn your back on a penguin! Find out why. )

Kim Ward Is A Brat! (Kim magically transforms a well house into something... magnificent.)

Photoshopped Zoey (Behold the Photoshopped Zoey thread!)
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I miss Kim's posts! I still have some of the funny stuff she's posted "saved", and really hope that she'll find a way to spend more time here!
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Aw... congrats Kim! I got to look at your photoshopping thread a while back and I really enjoyed it - you did fantastic work!
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Kim you already know how much I value our friendship. I know you haven't been online much lately, and you are missed! I miss our laughs my friend, and I wish you well!
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Kim, you are definitely missed around here! Your warmth, and of course your wonderful sense of humor, as well as your prowess with Photoshop.
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Those threads are so funny! Thanks for posting them - sounds like I missed a lot of fun around here before I joined TCS.
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Hope you drop in sometime Kim! I too am one of your admirers when it comes to your genius with photoshop. Your posts always brought a smile.
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This thread got burried during the Superbowl yesterday, so I'm bumping it.
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Nice Choice Ryan!
Kim we miss you here, hope you can came I see this lovely post for you!
Congrats Enjoy it!
PS: Love your Siggy!
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I hope I don't have to tell you how much you are missed around here. I am still looking forward to the next shuttle lift-off, whenever that may be. Friends are thinking about you.
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