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Coolest purchase for our nursery

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We put the crib up a few weeks back and Merlin and Pepperpot would not stay out of it. We tried using foil to keep them out and it didn't work. We decided that we were going to purchase a gate to put up in the doorway and went to a Safety Superstore (it was way cool). We spent alot of time looking at the gates and I began to feel guilty. The kitties love going to sleep in the spare room (now baby's room) during the day and it didn't seem fair to lock them out. Plus, knowing Pepperpot, no matter the size of the gate, she would be able to jump it. I don't want to keep the cats out of the room because of the baby - that is a sure way to get resentment going.

In the same section as the gates there was an item called a crib tent (see this website http://store.babycenter.com/product/...cessories/1444 ). We decided to give it a try. It wasn't necessarily the easiest item to put together but boy does it work. The cats now can come and go in the room as the wish, but they are staying away from the crib. What a great invention. Plus, as I am not a big fan of camping, the kid will have a camping experience without having to go to the wilderness! Once the baby is big enough to keep the cat out himself (probably at 1 year) the tent will come down.

So do you think that this was a good idea?
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that looks so cool. i'm such a gadget geek! lol

if only they did them big enough for my bed i could get a good night sleep now and then *sigh*

i think it's a great idea, stops them feeling resentful and they can still see the baby!
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I absolutely think it's a good idea, ady. I don't think you want to worry about the baby getting scratched or whatever by a cat in the crib.
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That's really cool, Adrienne! Not only will it keep the cats out of the crib, but should be effective against flies and mosquitoes in warm weather. We had a male Siamese when our nephew was a baby and spending a lot of his time at our house, and he (the cat) wouldn't stay out of the crib. I put upside-down mousetraps in the empty crib to deter him (a tip I got from a book), but they didn't upset him in the least. The dog kept bashing through the baby gate we tried, and I simply couldn't sleep at night worrying that the cat (or dog) would smother Erik, because my in-laws kept telling me horror stories about that happening. My sister (4 kids and even more pets) finally convinced me that such stories were "old-wives' tales", but I think I would have felt better with something like that crib cover.
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Sounds like a great idea! It'll keep the baby in and the kitties out.
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thats wonderful! i would get that for my kid, i hope it works efficently
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Thats really neat! Hope you get to try it out soon! OUT Baby OUT!
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that is so cool!
what a great idea!
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I think it's a good idea as the baby gets older too. My neice climbed out of her crib and busted her lip. Of course, my bro and sis-n-law freaked out. She was fine but after that there was no way you could keep her in the crib so they had no choice but to go ahead and convert the crib into a regular bed.

Good luck with your baby! I hope everything goes well for you! I'll have to remember the Crib Tent when we have a little one
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