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Special birthday today

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Today, my two ferals Stryker and Cleo turn 10 years old. This was taken during a rare moment when both cats came into the house

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AAWW Hissy,

they are beautiful!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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oh, Mary Anne, they are gorgeous. I have a special place in my heart for manx's
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Look at the little puffy tails! They're precious!

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They're gorgeous cats!
(and I gotta love the fact that one's name is Cleo! )
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happy birthday to you happy birthday to you!!!
Happy BIRTHDAY dear Stryker & Cleo , happy birthday to you!!!!!
Sorry if I made anyones ears ring being so out of tune and all!!!

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Please extend to Cleo and Stryker our best wishes for a very happy birthday-anniversary! They're cute!

Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin

=^..^= & =^..^=
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What a sweet picture, I could just reach out & give them both a big hug.

My3boys & I wish them a very Happy Birthday

Looks like they are very happy
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Happy Birthday! Cleo and Stryker are adorable
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Happy Birthday to Stryker and Cleo !
From, Muddy Rivers, Handsome Boyo, Squeaker, Smokey Josephina, Bookey, and MoMo (that Monster Boy) Also TLK
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Gosh, they are cute!

Happy birthday, kitties!
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