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Hi All,
My name is Kaaren Sander and I live in Leicester, NC with my husband, one dog and eleven cats. All the guys and girls are "sex-acuted" so we don't have kittens but, somehow, strays seem to find me so the number of kitties in our household is subject to change. My oldest is a 16 year old calico, and the youngest is about a year and a half-old grey tabby. She and the dog are the same age and are best friends. They often sleep together. The dog is a thirty five pound mixed breed rescue and she gets along well with all the cats. They walk under and around her all the time and when we walk the dog, we usually have a trail of kitties behind us. We live in the country way off a main road so it is safe for the cats to be outside but, they come in when the weather is wet and/or cold outside.
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Welcome to the catsite Kaaren. I am so glad to see more people more than 6 cats in the house. There are a few of us who seem to take in everyone they see!
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Anyone who has eleven cats and feeds strays is the kind of person I want to know - if you lived in Connecticut, you would be one of my volunteers!
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Welcome to the catsite, Kaaren. I think you will enjoy it here. I've been here just about a month and everybody has made me feel very comfortable.
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Welcome Kaaren! Glad to see you here!
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Welcome Kaaren! I have 9 cats and 2 dogs....so I know how you feel, I couldn't pass up a stray in need either! Glad you have joined us here!
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Hello Kaaren! I am so glad to have another North Carolinian in the forums! i can't imagine having 11 kitties. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and I cannot imagine what 11 kitties would do to it! Oh well, we do what we can!

I look forward to geting to know you!
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