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Happy Birthday Sanctie!

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Happy Birthday, Stevie!
Hope you and Conner enjoy your special day!
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Enjoy your day!
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Happy birthday Stevie!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great one!
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Have a SUPER Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Stevie! Did Connor thow a birthday party for you?
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Thankyou all so much,, Wasnt able to visit TCS yesterday, but my b-day went fine. I was going to make my own cake yesterday but when I looked in the cupboard to get the stuff it was all gone!!! On cue, my friends and boyfriend came in with a beautiful cake all alit!! It was very sweet! THey knew I had planned to bake myself a cake so they stole the mix and ingredients!!! Ha ha ah.
Heidi-----He didnt throw me a party but he gave me lots of snuggle time,,,,I saw he was laying on the bed so I went and laid down with him, you see Conner loves being under the covers with people but I wasnt under any so he came over and tried to stick his head down the neck of my shirt and when that didnt work he lifted the hem of my shirt up with his paw and was headbutting my stomach, he finally weasled his way through my shirt and popped his head out of the neck opening and got cozy and started purring away!!!!!! It just made my heart swell and brought a big smile,,,One of the best birthday presents,,,,I really love and cherish snuggle time with kitty, and I love that he wants to be so close to me,,literally! LOL!!
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Aww Stevie!! I just caught up with this thread... I didnt really check the forum yesterday...


Liza & Malakai
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Happy Birthday!!!! make this day the best!!!!!
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