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Help in Louisiana, feral cat always pregnant, kittens always killed....

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I posted a few wks ago about a pretty cat that was thrown away and needs a home, still needs a home,but now I am writing about a feral tortie who is always pregnant(she is right now). Her kittens always are gone, some are , I guess, eaten, some taken , and some always are killed by cars. I am looking for some help to point me to an organization that can come and trap her and spay her. I can't do this, the local organization that does this(spaymart) was contacted by me, they sent me a whole bunch of papers where I can go, and that was it. I would have to give a deposit of $50 for a trap, and trap her myself(something I have never done) then pay for her spay myself(which I can not do , I am unemployed). Does anyone know where I can turn? thank you.
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catlover7731..that is the way it goes for most TNR groups..they simply aren't staffed to come out and do all the trapping, that is why they offer to assist you through literature and through the rental of a trap. I understand this frustrates you....but I can tell you that where I live the caretakers are people who have simply found an area on their own that required TNR and did the work themselves. They have also either bought their own traps or rented them ($50 is standard as it covers the cost of the trap itself in case it isn't returned). You could reach out to your local vet and see if he/she is aware of anyone who is conducting TNR in your area that would be willing to help you.

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i would suggest you try to find some like minded neighbours to help you raise the $50 then read the literature and give it a try yourself. the worst that can happen is that you dont catch her. its not ideal but if you cant find anyone to help you atleast you gave it your best shot. speak to your vet about low cost spaying, they might be willing to give you a big discount or know of somewhere that will do it for free. good luck!
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Hi ~

Thank you for wanting to help this cat! Are you in Metairie or Jefferson Parish then?
Maybe break down your goal into steps. Decide which steps or parts of steps you can do yourself, those you could do with talk-through assistance or hands-on help, and steps that perhaps several different groups or individuals could do.

You may be familiar with these resources in your area:

Spay Louisiana

http://spaylouisiana.org/region8.html includes Jefferson Parish
Several vets are listed in Metairie that spay/neuter ferals.

http://spaylouisiana.org/region7.html includes St. Tammany Parish

Feral Cat Consortium
western St. Tammany Parish
985-373-5937 or 985-893-0016
email at cgchef@bellsouth.net

St. Tammany Humane Society Feral Cat Fix Project
Darlene Vaccaro at 985-892-6442.

Louisiana Animal Welfare Directory

Here's a neat story about the Adams Middle School Animal Rescue Project in Metairie. Look at their thanks to vets and Amazing Results!
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AnimalResources, what an excellent reply! And thank you for sharing the website for the Adams Middle School Rescue Project. Maybe you could post the story on it's own so that more people will read it (maybe the moderators could help you place it). I feel so much better that you have opened up so many possiblities for catlover 7731! The journalist who covered the story has done the cat population a great service, both there and abroad - it's an idea that must be shared!! You are a real cats' angel!!!
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