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working from home

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Does anyone work from home and if so, what do you do? Carol's company has announced that their office is to close very soon and Carol would like to do something from home. That way she can fit things in with collecting christopher from school etc.
Just wondered if any of you work from home and what do you do and how did you get the particular job???

home for a few hours and then away again in the morning.
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I don't kev, but would in a heartbeat if I could. I wish that Carol can find something she enjoys and can do from home. That would be wonderful!
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I've been wondering about that myself, I've been jobless since the new year and have been having such a hard time finding a new job for myself, I've thought about working from home (it would make life so much easier) but I dont know how or what to do... I'm interested to see what people have to say.
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Theres a lot a 'fly by night' companies out there so I would do your research on this one! You know the sort of thing 'Earn £200/£400 a week' posted on telegraph poles on the motorway juntions. I have seen some advertisments for sort of telesales stuff that you do from home. Check out the local paper -SOMETIMES their kosher. Is Carol any good at sewing - thats a good outlet.
Good Luck
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What i had planned to do last year was to open my own domain on a website and start making things such as pjamas and jewelery with the label

Untill i realised i have to pay atleast $20,000 to have my own brand name :shock:

But i do know this woman who lives around the corner she works for from home
* i dont advise this to your wife*
She works for a telephone company and she has to talk to men all day ... yes those 1800 things but what she does she doesnt talk about sex, she makes them talk about thier life and why they are so miserable and what they can do to improve. The longer they stay on the phone the more money she gets? lol

You can also work for a sms company from home, which isnt dirty like sending out songs and stuff when they request it.
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Hi Kev,

I do It came about through my love of kitties, all the research I'd do on toys and treats for them. I belong to a great business list where many of the business owners have an ebusiness and work from home...what they do ranges from gift basket businesses, homemade soaps, lotions and shampoos (herbal, non allergenic is the approach for some of the soap makers), for the crafters, handpainted tiles and mailboxes (this gal does ***extremely*** well, she is very talented and has worked her pr and marketing bit well), another is into homemade relishes, jams etc.

And I love myself to shop online...one place is a woman with a home business who just makes fruit strudel's and a couple of varieties of cookies and pastries...her prices include the two day shipping.

So...what does Carol love, what skills does she have? Would she be able to sub-contract for any business in your area that is a 'cottage business' using sub-contractors who sew or make whatever in their homes?

Would she enjoy an ebusiness?

I wish her all the best, hope some of the above is helpful, I can highly recommend she read over this site:businessideacafe

It is another excellent site, though not the one affiliated with the biz group I'm on.
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Well Kev since I'm going to be in that same job status Oct 1st. I know what she is going through. I concer with Pat-what are her strengths!! Does she like cooking/gardening-any hobbies. I think with all my hobbies I am going that route!!
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Hope can I do it!
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