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Helppp "cat" peed on bed.. TWICE

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ARGH.. In all of our years with cats/dogs whatever.. someone decided to PEE in the middle of my bed last night adn AGAIN tonioght, right where I lay this time.. -sobs- It couldn't have been the dogs since they were outside and one can't get onto beds.. so that leaves 1 of 4 cats.. well..1 of 3.. since one never messes in the house..

Shadow who SLEEPS in the bed with me is unlikley, he's a 2 yr old male..
Misty..who will pee on rubber backed rugs like a mad kitty from hades.. (we can't have the rugs down when she's int he house!! ) But she never really goes into my room.. and uses the litterbox where the rugs were.. she likes outside..so she goes in and out (she is one of two who go in and out)

And..a baby 3 mo old kitten that we kept..he uses his little box too though..they ALL DO..they use ALL the 4 boxes in the house argh. We have littermiad boxes and one other automatic one (which ours LOVE Shadow sits like a gopher to WATCH it..-sigh-) anyhow..

Could the baby have had an accident??? Two nights in a row..on the SAME BED... MINE.. I've washed everything and I used vineger and commercial pet cleaner in a steam cleaner on the matress.. ARGH.. steam cleaning a bed sucks! Anyhow.. Could it be shadow though even though he SLEEPS there? Shadow and the baby (romeo) are love males..but they LOVE each other..they sleep together, they playh together non stop but could shadow still be stressed out from this? Even though the ktiten has been his 'pal' for about a month now.. ? Why all of a sudden.. and argh.why not on the FLOOR.

Any advice or help would be appreciated..I don't know what to do and I can't handle a kitty peeing on my very expensive and new quilts that ARENT paid for YET. PLEASE help.. I'm ready to fuss some kitties out It's a real bummer..shadow has NEVER had accidents..and the little baby goes in all the litter boxes..repeatedly!
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It is possible one of the cat has anger issues with you for something. In the past if the litter box got to bad and we did not take care of it quick enough, one of our cats would do the same to us. It was rather expensive to get a new mattress, but because it was totally soaked there was no way I was sleeping on that.

There are also other reasons such as bladder infections or other situations in the home with other cats or perhaps stray cats that could also be to blame. I am sure others will have more information. Best of luck, that is not an easy situation to have to put up with.
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Tommorrow I'm definately doing the vinyl matress cover over the bed deal I read about earlier..but I want to know who and why..if I need to set up our video camera I guess I will -siiiiiiiiiiigh- The cats have been to the vet recently but I just don't know.. I really want to figure out which monster and why its driving me insane.. I thought Maybe Shadow is jealous but Shadow goes to bed with me every night still..so I just don't understand.. I did let the ktitne in the bedroom to play with him twice this week..but they're playing together not anyhting else.
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Oh I feel your pain! I have been having the same problems with my Cheetos. He just peed on our bed this morning!!! I caught him in the act! I have been keeping my bedroom door shut all the time now even at night and not letting the cats in there. He pees in the bath tub and poops in it as well but only at night. The reason being he peed this morning on our bed was my little boy came in and didn't shut the door. But lucky I caught him before he finished! But I am still washing 2 blankets! I have had to wash my quilt so many times that it faded and I bought a new one and but others older blankets on top of it just incase!!!

I have taken him to the vet and he is fixed and now the vet put him on meds 3x's a day. So we will see. If it's a male cat and he is alreasdy fixed it could just be his way of marking what is his!! YOU! If not I would look into maybe a UTI. Cats are so funny and they do weird things but most of the time they do this to tell you something.

Good Luck! Maybe just try keeping the kitties out of your room for awhile I know it's hard not letting them in to sleep with you believe me! But I have been keeping both of mine out for a week now and soon as he had a chance to get back in there he did it!!!
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I had a kitty that did that when she got a Urinary Tract Infection. That was her way of telling me she was sick, however I have heard of kitties doing that when they are angry with their owners or with other cats. To me, it's worth a vet visit just in case it is a UTI. And UTI's are easy to fix.

My cousins cat used to poop right in the middle of her bedroom if she was mad at her. And it could be for anything, once my cousin had a friend over who brought a dog. Well, Gracie got mad and showed my cousin just how she felt about a strange dog in HER house!

Keep us posted on what is going on.
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Arg, hugs, that's not good! I had this with jazzie (who's four months old) a few weeks back - I actually found this forum in panic about it, since she suddenly decided the sofa was also a litter tray and once she'd used it once it instantly became a fixed pattern. I still think something frightened her and the sofa was the thing that smelled most strongly of me and 'security', I've heard that kittens can have strong emotional reactions to beds/sofas which have the strongest scents of their owners when they're anxious? I moved Jazz back into her 'nursery' (which is my study and where I spend most of my time) for a few days with a litter tray, gave her a lot of time alone with me, and reintroduced her gradually to the rest of the house as I trusted her a bit more. I also added a lot more litter trays since that's frequent good advice I've seen on a number of threads here.

Hope this problem sorts itself out quickly and without any more expensive damage! Much sympathy

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i've heard of a cat pee themselves when asleep and having a nightmare. maybe thats the case?
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I had a cat who sprayed all around the house. Does the urine have a moldy kind of smell? Or does it just smell like pee? If it has a moldy kind of smell, that is him spraying, not peeing. If he is spraying, it is territorial. My cat was very territorial, to the point where he had to leave. Has any of your cats come in contact with an outside cat, or a strange cat that could've challenged his or her authority? Most likely, it is one of your male cats if it is spraying. You can read all about it in the choices listed at the top of the page, under "Behavior." However, if your male is spraying, the best solution would be to neuter him, BUT I have heard many recommend Feli-Way, though I did not try that.

However, my sister also had a problem with her cats when she was buying a cheaper brand of cat litter. As soon as she bought a better brand, they quit peeing all over the house.

Hope I was of help! Good luck!
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If you suspect it is the new kitten, let me ask this: could the litter box be too far away for the little tyke? Babies sometimes have a few "accidents" until they learn to hold it long enough to make it to the box.

Could you move a box in your room?

Or, here are some other things to consider, if it is the baby:

Could he be getting some negative attention while he's trying to use the box? Always possible.

Maybe he, out of the four, doesn't like the brand of cat litter you're using. I've seen it happen!

Is the box difficult for him to get in/out of? That'll discourage a cat from trying to do the right thing.

Just some thoughts, but I agree with the others -a vet checkup for a UTI is always a good thing to accomplish as the process of elimination continues towards problem resolution.

As for your bedding, purchase an enzyme cleaner, like Nature's Miracle, Anti Icky Poo, Simple Solution, or Cat Odor Off to get rid of the stain and the smell. They'll get rid of the bacteria that causes the odor to stay around, thus encouraging kitty to make a return visit!

Good luck; keep us posted!
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