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My name is SaSha. I get some requests about felines and thought this would be a purrfectly wonderful place to send my visitors. I look forward to sharing information and experiences.
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Welcome to TCS. I am sure you'll love it here, and probably get addicted like I did! There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here on kitties ( I am not one of them )!!! I am here to get "kitty smart" LOL
Hope to see you posting often.

:flower: :daisy: :rainbow: :baloon: :blubturq:
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Hi SaSha
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Welcome - your web site is fantastic!
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welcome! I'm pretty new myself, but everyone is really nice.
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Hi Sasha
It's so nice to have you here!!
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! Your web site is really well done; and I've added it to my "favorites" list. Okay, here's a Blob-O-Rama for you:

Please join us for conversation whenever you've the opportunity! It's nice to meet you.


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Welcome SaSha!! so nice to meet you!! Hope you stick around and post often!! Look forward to hearing from you!! :blubturq:
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Hi SaSha
I really like your site!
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Welcome, and what a beautiful site you have!!

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I made the mistake of taking a break from my cleaning and soup making yesterday to visit your site...needless to say my "little break" turned into over an hour, and I am now finishing making my soup! :laughing2:

I love your site...very nice job!
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Welcome SaSha!
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We hope you will like it here with us.
:daisy: :flower: Tish
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It was fate that you found the site Thank you for sharing yours...very nice!

Love & Peace,
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