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I'm in pain...

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Yesterday morning, when I got out of the shower, I was brushing my hair. My hair is long, down past my waist. It was sopping wet, and tangled, and I was leaning to the side, with all my hair not touching any part of me. I was brushing it, and kinda yanking a little hard (we were in a hurry). Suddenly my neck went pop! I stood up straight, and tried to pop it back in, and that didn't help. By the time I got my hair in a braid, and was in the car, I was in tears it hurt so bad.

Every little bump, or turn in our car, I had horrible pain on the side of my neck. When I got to work, I was in so much pain, and crying because it hurt so bad, my boss gave me a pain killer. I was in such a bad mood too.

This morning, when I got up, it felt really good. I could tell it was still out, but the pain was gone. Took a shower, braided my hair, and went to work. It was sore by the time I got there, and we had a rush shortly after. So, there I was on the makeline(where we put the toppings on the pizzas), crying. I can't look down for any length of time because of it being out, it causes the muscles on the right side of my neck (behing my ear down to my collar bone) burn and hurt bad. So... I was sent to the chiropractor. He was closed today, but came in to adjust me.

He got my back, and most of my neck back in place, but that one would NOT go back in. Whe he took my head, and twisted it the direction it doesn't want to go, I grabbed his arm with both my hands and was digging my nails in, and crying NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, that hurts, DON'T!!!!!! I was such a baby. My neck has never been out this bad.

Well, he turned it to that side twice while I was sitting up, and it didn't budge. Then he had me lay down, and worked out the muscles in my shoulders and neck. That hurt so bad, I was crying again. I was so tense that I dug my nails into my hands. That was horrible.

He never ever did get it back in, I have to go in Monday morning, and he will try again. I sure hope it goes in before tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is superbowl, we are expecting it to be slammed. It will be me and my boss running the day shift. I just hope my neck will go in tonight.

Thanks for listening, I just had to whine a little.

On the good side, I feel great!! It's just my neck hurting bad.
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Awww, poor baby - that has to hurt! When I feel off a retaining wall I hurt my neck too, the chropractor helped tremendously - hurt even worse after he was done the first time - but started feeling better, and after the second time - it fel AOK.
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Oh gosh I feel so bad for you! I understand how it feels to go to work hurtin!
I hope you feel better before you have to work tomorrow. Take some asprin before you go to bed and again right after you wake up, that should help some what.
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I'm so sorry to hear you are physically hurting! Hope it gets better soon. Here are lots of "get back in" vibes for your neck!
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Ouch that sounds sore! Hope you feel better soon Tia!
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Aww...Tia, I'm so sorry to hear about your neck!! I hope that you can get the kink worked out by the chiropractor. Have you seen a doctor about getting some pain killers or muscle relaxants?

Good Luck.. hope you feel better soon!
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Tia I too know how badly that hurts. Try alteranating between Ice and moist heat to get those muscles to relax. Ice on for 20 minutes and off then do the same thing with the heat. Try heating a wet towel in the microwave but be very careful not to burn yourself with it. I hope that you feel better real soon.
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I know so many people who have had their backs, and necks out. I thought I had it bad before when it was out, but this... is just a little different.

Talon, Jugen, Yayi, Sam, DinahCat, and Blondiecat, Thankyou all. For the vibes, and stories... neck pain sucks. I felt like such a cry baby when I got off work.

Last night it was creepy. I looked in the mirror, and my neck was at an angle. It hurt to swallow. It hurt to chew. It went in durring the night last night, just not all the way.

My chiropractor said heat for 15-20min, then sit for half hour, then heat another 15-20 minutes. He's a nice guy, he came in just to try to put my neck in.
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I found the one thing that helped at night when my neck hurt so bad. Was to literaly wrap a pillow around my neck. That is lay down on a pillow and pull the extra up over your shoulder affectively cradling your neck with the pillow. That and pain medicine taken constantly. gentle to you with get well vibes coming your way.
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Poor you, I too have neck pain from time to time because of a car accident that I got into that tore alot of muscles in my upper back, I have only 50% motion in my neck now. I would suggest going to the doctor for some muscle relaxers if your chiropractor can't get it in place again on Monday. I also use the pillow around my neck and that gives some relief. Hugs, I hope that it goes back into place soon.
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Oh no, poor Tia! I know how agonizing neck or back pain can be. It is litterally affected by nomatter what part of your body you move. You are absolutely not a whiner, Tia! You are one of the strongest people I know, for
you to be voicing this, you must really be in terrible pain.
Tomorrow being Superbowl Sunday, you will surely be absolutely slammed. I pray you find relief from this agony before your hectic day begins! Please feel better soon!
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heya Tia - I had a really similar thing not too long ago - it sounds so very much like you've given yourself a trapezius injury, which is why it hurts so much. In which case, a chiropractor isn't going to help. The best I can suggest, is to get a soft neck collar fitted or, roll up a bath towel lengthways and wrap it around your neck. That way you can give it the support - what it really needs is rest - which is also why it felt so good in the morning when you woke up. Keep taking some good strong painkillers, because that'll ease severe pain that could possibly start the muscle spasming and making it worse. You're not weak, just in pain. Everyone needs to vent every now and then, and believe me, I know how much that neck pain hurts. Get it rested and you'll feel much better in a couple of days - that I can guarantee you - as long as you keep on taking the pain killers regularly for a couple of days (even if it doesn't hurt at the time) and keep your neck supported. HUgs, girlie
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Oh no! That sounds really terrible. I can relate. I was popping my fingers
(its a habit) and one knuckle went down so hard, I screamed. It still hurts, two days later. I can't move it at all. I hope things get better, and your stubborn neck will start healing. Big hugs to you.
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OH Tia! I am so sorry for you and this awful pain! I've battled stuff like this for years from a torn rotator cuff that didn't heal right in my shoulder. I can bend down to feed the kitties and it will go pop and then I am in so much pain for about a week. I invested in these really good little heat/ice packs. You can take them anyplace and you start the heat by clicking a little silver disc inside the pak and then it cystalizes and lasts for 2 hours. They come in all shapes and when I "pop out" like that I need them 2 or 3 times/day. Anyhoo--- you are not whining, that is a nasty type of pain and very discomforting to have. Take care of you!!!
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I have a mild case of ceribral palsy and i hurt alll the time and my back is always out of place because of how I walk so what my mom made me was a rice heat pack.. ALl you have to do is put rice in a tube sock.. put it in the microwave for about 2-3 mins and instant cheap heat pack!! it works great and you can wrap it anywhere.
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Off work... FINALLY!! I went to work 45min early this morning (got there at 10:45am). First thing, my boss gave me an anti-inflamitory, and a muscle relaxer. (She's got back problems, and has painkillers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamitories, and something else with her all the time.)

Between the two pills, I was able to work. I was in pain, but it was barable(sp?). We were steady all day long, then about 3pm today, we got slammed, instantly. All 5 lines were lit up. She dragged me into the office again, and gave me more (that was about 3:30 or so), because she noticed I was dancing around, and twisting in odd positions, she also noticed me touching the back of my head, and my neck a lot. I didn't really notice I was doing any of that, I just knew I was hurting. Everyone at work did their best to make my work a little easier. I was not allowed to toss the dough, or to lift anything at all. It's not too bad now, but when I got cut tonight, about 7pm, I went into the office with her bone pillow that has a viberater massager thingy in it... I sat there and just relaxed.

Thankyou everyone for caring. I felt really bad for posting about it... I try not to whine too much. I feel better, knowing that others understand neck pain. This is the worst I've had. I've had both shoulders out, and that hurts horribly. But this... it is true, how many little things you can do that hurt your neck. Like... I make a lot of faces at people at work. With my neck out, making a face at someone hurts... That is sad...

Tomorrow is my appointment, 9am, I cannot wait. I really hope he can get my neck back in. I am sure he will. I hope he can help. I am always afraid to go to him, because I am afraid that he will break me. But he hasn't yet, and every time I've left his office, I walked a little straighter, and happier. I hope he can get it in.

My one muscle, I think it goes from the base of my skull, and down by my shoulders... I'm not sure exactly where it is, but I can feel it. Very well. It's being stretched because of where my neck is out, and that is actually where most of my pain is coming from. It's a bit swollen. It feels like a long bruise when I touch it. Based on that I am assuming that it will be sore for a little while after it is back in. Ugh!

Kittywarden, carolcat, dawnofsierra, LilleKat, Ilovecats, sashacat421, RoyalEnchntrss, Thankyou all for replying to my thread. I hope all you guys have NO pain at all this whole next year!
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Good luck with your appointment... I hope the pain goes away soon! Youch... take it easy!
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Glad to hear its feeling a bit better. I work in a Physical Therapists Office so I am fortunate, if I have a pain someone can work it out for me. You should keep an eye on it. I hope you feel better real soon, I know how it is to have a pain in your neck. I am actually going back into physical therapy for a problem with my rotator cuff.
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I'm so glad you made it through your crazy day, Tia! Oh, how I hope you are able to get this pain relieved in the morning! Here's to a painfree year!
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I just came back from the chiropractor. He was able to get a lot of pops out of it both ways!!!!! The last time I went in (Sat) he could only get it to pop when he turned it to the left. Today he got lots of pops both ways, so I am happy. So far no pain today at all!!!!!! I am going to take it easy today. I open tomorrow, so I need to be my best tomorrow. Thankyou all I'm not glad others have to suffer pain, but it's nice knowing I'm not the only one.

It's so nice to be able to turn my head all the way both ways again. It's really nice to be able to look up and down, and side to side with no pain also. I'm so happy!!!!!

My neck muscles are tender though. I bet they will be for a little bit just because they felt like some were being stretched. They were also cramping, (I assume).

Now, to go try doing head stands

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GREAT, that is GREAT news. What a blessing to get relief at last. Here's hoping that there are NO more neck issues this year. Best wishes and hugs.
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Tia, what weird is that, my best wishes for you
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Wonderful, Tia!
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I am so glad you neck is doing better. My jaw occasionally pops out of joint, so I can understand the type of pain you can be in until the chiropractor fixes it!
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