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Just and Update on Pickles

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Hi all, First I want to "Thank" all you for your support here. I am truly greatful for this site. Pickles is doing extremely well. Despite the odds they gave him, even though he is now deaf in one ear you would never know it, as he seems to hear every can, box or carton we open. We are happy with the way he is doing, I do have one question, to get your thoughts. I am not sure if I am going to continue with his annual shots, as I am not sure if they are really necessary (I know this sounds probably stupid and if it does feel free to tell me). I just feel he is doing so well with the squamous cell, lets not do anything to change his mood or any more poking in case we poke something in the wrong place. Unfortunately I now can feel the lump behind his shoulder, that I use to have to hunt to find. I am not worrying about this though, as it doesn't appear to hurt him. I figure if it doesn't hurt don't touch it. The other reason I am thinking of for going the shots is, the last few times we have had to take him out of the house, the poor thing stresses so much he pees (usually on me because I hold him). I think he associates this from when we took him to his surgery. So I really don't want to stress him anymore. Please let me know your thoughts and again "Thanks" and Bless you all for everything. You are all truly special people.... Pickles and I are lucky to have this site.
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Glad to hear Pickles is doing very well!
IMO, the decision on the annual shots is up to you and your vet.
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Awww good to hear about Pickles.
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Yay, I'm glad Pickles is doing ok.
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Yippee, Pickles!I agree that annual vaccinations are not necessary after the initial boosters, but this, of course, is something you will want to discuss with your Vet. You can find more info on the new Vaccination Protocol here .
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