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Shopping for a computer

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Ok, for the last week I been trying to find a place where you can buy a computer that will let us do monthly payments(NO luck). I tried Dell and Gateway. I found others but no luck on trying to figure out how to build it. We want a computer with 1 GB of memory, no 125 or 512 MB like those you buy at the store.

I found this one place wher I can build the computer but I have the choice of adding the screen. I didnt add it and my total came to be $509.00. I sent my sister the site to check out to see if I can order from it. I alos checked out Sony's computer and liked them since they come with flat screen. It was over 800.00, it wouldnt let me estimate the taxes and shipping.

I know we could afford the 509.00(free shipping w/oreders over $500) and we could buy the screen at the Wal-mart in the next town. I hope we can order this. If we can we would do monthly payments, if they would let us. we had good credit. No late payments, but we dont have enough credit. Makes me mad. Cant get a computer because dont have enough credit, I hate that.

Do this place seem trust worthy???
American pc

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I know. We always pay our bills on time, we have a substantial amount of money in savings because we make sure to live beneath our means, and we do have a history of good credit. But we were told that if we really want to build up our credit, we need to take out a loan and use our credit cards more(two) instead of paying for it right there. We're trying to save up for a house, and it is very frustrating to be told, essentially, that we go into debt too seldom. I'm sorry . . . what? I understand that what they want is too see that you can carry a load of debt without defaulting on your payments, but what about the fact that we manage our money so well that we never GO into debt? Apparently that doesn't count for much. Sigh.
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Hi, Not sure if you have seen this commerical on TV before but it advertises brand name computers for like 30 something a week, and everyone is approved all you need is a checking account. I am not sure what the name or number was, but I am sure if you do a google search you may be able to find it. Also sometimes if you can just get the cpu (computer itself, place like ebay may have monitors really cheap). Or there are places like rent a center. I also know of a place where people recycle different things so you never know the site is Hope this helps didn't mean to rumble on. If I can help any further please feel free to email me. Oh just another thought sometimes you can pick up a used monitor at the salvation army really cheap, alot of business donate there old models there.
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The technology specialist at my school buys all of her computers from Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or pawn shops.
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We may go for a $500 loan and buy the computer straight up, then pay off then loan . i want or WE want a memory of 1GB or more and that place has memory sicks we can buy under $300. Im not fond of used computers since you rally dont know what could be lurking in an unopend file. I dont mind the rambling on, i do it plenty of times.

Does anyone think this site is trust worthy??

American Pc
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I've never done business with them, so I don't know how trustworthy they are. You know, when you buy most used computers, they are refurbished, with brand new software installed. They are almost like new. My first computer was a used or refurbished computer. I bought it from I know they are trustworthy. It had a CD reorder built in which was nice. It only had the standard memory, but I bought memory and added to it. It was also shipped for free.

My present computer is the first brand new one, I've had. I bought this one at Best Buy, and they do allow monthly payments with the Best Buy Credit card.
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Can I ask why you need so much memory? Is it just because you want that much, or a specific thing you're going to do with that computer demands that much?

The ONLY computer I have used that uses more than 1 GB of RAM is one I use at work to reconstruct PET scans (which has 2 GB of RAM).

Also, if you're thinking of building a computer (which is what I recommend if you have the knowledge), right now might not be the best time to do so. I'd wait for a ATI Xpress 200 chipset motherboard to come out. Other than that, stay away from Intel for now (chips tend to overheat and poor performance compared to cheaper Athlon 64. Cat might like the intel better though, makes a nice warm place behind the computer to sleep). Intel is coming out with some new stuff this year, but it'll cost you.
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Don't have any advice for you - when our computer started packing up we decided it was time for a new one, I think it's about time we got another new one too. Best of luck!
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My computer died around christmas, I bought it in australia back in 2000. So it did last for a good 4 years.
What i did was buy a new mainboard, processor, sound card and an extra memory stick. it only cost me 300 euros.
My bf (he knows how to take evreything appart and put it back together, and he knows how to program everything on the computer) He fixed up my computer and installed Xp. Its alot better than an ordinary computer thats already set up in the store. Infact i think bf is jealous because his comp is cacking up and mine is running smoothly.
I wouldnt advise you to pay monthly if you havent got a stable income. From my experience hehe
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If you are interested in building a barebones system or components, I would recommend TigerDirect or Provantage. They have very good prices, selections, and I have had good experiences with them over the years.

I found this information in a computer forum regarding American PC 2000. Hope it helps.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
If you are interested in building a barebones system or components, I would recommend TigerDirect or Provantage. They have very good prices, selections, and I have had good experiences with them over the years.

I found this information in a computer forum regarding American PC 2000. Hope it helps.
THank you that changed my nmind on them. I will try those links. I hope to get a job soon.
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Just some advice from someone who has 'been-there-done-that'. You have previously posted about money worries, not being able to afford cat food, and having only $8-10 left after the boyfriend's paycheck pays bills. It's not about affording the payments. If you can't afford the item in lump sum, maybe now is not the time to buy. You obviously have a working computer (I'm assuming that you aren't at the public library or anything). I am working off a 5-year old computer myself, and as much as I would love to have a new one, I know it isn't in the budget right now. Judging by what you have posted in the past, you can get in over your head, money-wise, very quickly.

At 17, I don't even think you can apply for a loan or a credit card, so this would be all on your boyfriend's shoulders.
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no I cant apply for any loan. This is something he is wanting and so have I. every one wants something right? this is my moms computer, I go to my moms to be on the computer. If I had one I wouldnt be looking for one.
He is the one wanting a loan. Its sorta hard to explain really in my words, But. We dont have things that belonge to us. Thing we bought. Maybe a tv and some games , movies and clothes. Everything in the house is hand downs. 3 used couches which look like Cr*p. A stove bought for us by his mom, my grandmothers bed and dressers(which are cheap plastic dresser), pot and pan which are horrible to cook with provided by my mom and sister( again they buy new ones and give me the one where you srube to get the food off) a vaccum where the wires have been cut and retapped together, a gross looking fryer. And to think ROberts brother and sister will have it easy when they moved out, really his brother does. He had brand new leather couches,bed, everything. All provided by his mom in which she is paying off loans for that, same will go with his sister. We get it hard. Spoiled brats. IM sorry but I hate it when things like that happen. When were the ones who need the help and others who are good off get what we need instead.

Im so sorry I soud so self ish

Hard times come with frustrated thoughts
I hope I get a job soon to help ease this.

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Sweetie, that is what comes with a limited income. Remember, the new computer will also cost you for an internet connection. I am not trying to sound mean or lecture you, but I am 30 years older than you with a professional job and salary, and I am still on a budget. I still own things that are hand-me-downs. I make home repairs myself instead of calling in professionals. We all want things. But we have to be realistic and not let our eyes be bigger than our pocketbooks. I'll be bold and put on my educator's hat here, as this is what I do for a living. This is why it is so important for young people to stay in school. An education is the key to a job that lets you live the way you want to and buy the things you want. Some people are handed things by relatives or whomever. Maybe it's not fair, but nobody ever promised that life would be fair. The only people you can truly count on is yourselves. And because someone else has been given something that you want is not really justification for going into debt to buy it.
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Its really hard starting out isnt it? Being grateful isnt easy either! I too am older, have a good salary etc and still have stuff my mum gave me cos I cant afford to replace it.
Trouble is there are too many things to want and too little money to buy it with.
I think if you must have a computer a refurbished one would be fine. Okay so they dont LOOK state of the art, but they work and have been completely cleaned etc. Also they are possibly a third of the price of a new one.
Dont worry, you will get there it just takes time (groan). Try not to get into debt over things that are not worth it in the end.
good luck on the job hunt
take care
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heyy dont worry about the hand down huns!!!
we moved out from my parents last month. We got the chouches from my bfs mother for free because nobody wanted to buy them off her lol. (they are newish and not even ruined, just people dont want such small dwarf couches)
We got the kitchen from this lady who passed away and her daughter wanted to get rid of everything for free.
seriously, If you are creative and are on a budget you can make even old dirty things look clean and beautiful! ( you can get this creamy white paste for cheap i think from a supermarket or a cleaning store dont really knwo what you have there in america but they should have it in walmart, anyway this removes every grease that you can think of and it would work great on your frying pans, it also works well on 30 years old grease on top of the kitchen boards, it can be used on cars, practically anything. I would advise you to use it on your ikky things you mentioned.

My mum gave me my favourite pot in the house and i took the worst frying pan there was left. we are still using a portable stove and this tiny electric oven.
WE still dont even have a proper bed or a waldrobe!

I must admit with the help from bens mother ( she is great in looking at newspapers and getting nearly everything in good condition for free) we would be still stuck with nothing in the house.

Maybe you can do that too ?

Just some advice
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