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They keep fireing and I keep applying

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OK we just got a new 24-7 Wal-mart here last month. I am told they are hiring for night shift here. They just got through fireing 50+ people who failed their drug tests, the numbers are rising still. I applied their by computer(hate that now, 30 minutes to fill out an application now). It's been 2 days now and no call!!! My fiancee did the same and no call for him yet either!!!

This town just went though several drug busts so pretty much this is a drugged up town full of druggies almost(so alot of failed drug test should come up).
I should have a good chance of getting this job! BUT why havent they called me. IM avalible 24-7 drug free, but tryn to get my GED.

What made me mad was while My fiancee was filling his aplication out on the computer, was that 2 women was given 2 paper applications when we were told they stopped giving them out . they spent 5 minutes on the application while we were there an hour tops!!! SO UNFAIR!! sorry Im a little childish on that probley.
I hope they call i really do.

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tell me, was the person giving them out Male or female?? Was it a manager? Was it somebody who had some sort of charge? How old was it?
I dont know how to react as ive never filled out a computer applicationform. But if i had found out they had lied to me i would have thought well then they dont want me?

I wouldnt want to work somewhere where im being betrayed right from the start
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Keep pestering them.
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I wouldnt want to work somewhere where im being betrayed right from the start
This is the ONLY place hireing that I can work. The Dollar General has an age limit of 18+.

It was a woman. Computer applications are starting to pop up here, they take from 20 minutes to an hour.

The main manager(male) even told us they dont do paper applications anymore and a guy who works there tried to get us 2 paper aps.. The women were told to apply on computer, but some woman who worked their told the that but also went ahead and gave them one.

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Not sure if this would help but I would call (and keep calling) tell them you filled out the application and would like to set up an interview. I have to agree more places are having you fill out applications online, (Just helped my Dad he is retired, for Home Depot it took 30 to 45 minutes, plus they gave him this online test it was really drawn out). I have found though if you call they sometimes will either tell you yes they will set up an interview or that they are not looking for help at the time. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!
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Definitely keep bugging them... not rudely mind you, but call and check in: "Hi I recently turned in an application and I was just wondering how that was going". Or something along those lines.

Good luck!
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I am going to call, Im going to apply at a Family Dollar store tomorrow. the are hiring after rearranging the store for a Grand Opening .

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so pretty much this is a drugged up town full of druggies almost(so alot of failed drug test should come up).
haha I feel that way about my town!

ANYway, yea, I'm 17 and I just dropped out of high school too. I was working at Subway but it just wasn't my beef (ok, the fact that I can't drive yet, walking 4 miles there and back just wasn't my beef...had subway been closer I would have liked it a lot more! LOL!)
so I applied at LPS here, which is our school district. You don't have to have any education to be a substitute paraeducator, which means you fill in for teacher's assistants, working with elementary special ed kids. If you are in anyway (and I don't mean to offend you by saying this) a "mature" teen, i.e. you get along better with adults then you do kids your own age, and you don't mind working with kids, this would deffinately be the job for you then. It's soooo fun!

if you want more info on this, I can help you find a job inyour school district. Send me a PM.

I can say that working any kind of food service is probably one of the most hard jobs. Subway is probably the easiest and best paying (well, they are franchises so they pay differently but ours are atleast) so if you were considering food, you might want to try subway.

Good luck with your ventures.
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I can say I have a short fuse for other children not related to me. I barely tolerate my own. I do get alonge better with adults and pretty much get annoyed easly by teens my age. I thought of babysitting but after watching my sisters babies I gave it up. I stress to easy.

OH YEA, I dont do food. No way no how. Heres why.
Mc Donalds is Racest, Wataburger you can get a bad rep from false rumors of get flirted with by managers or employ'ers, PIzza places not to reliable on hours, restraunts may get a really perverted person to wait on, some places never stay long enough to be a restraunt, lets see, Buck's steak house really rude, and hmm dont know

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Also, keep in mind that child labor laws come into play, and Wal-Mart may need employees who do not have any restrictions on the hours that a prospective employee can work.
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hmm working in a restaurant isnt so bad.
Only the boss was.
Ive had some very lovely customers from all over the world in that restaurant and it was fun.
I mean with this table of english people they were a bit rude thinking i was about 14 15 because i have braces untill i told them i was 18 and i was mature enough to hear their "sexual conversations" then they all gosisped but you have to just put it behind you and keep working.
you dont have fixed times on restaurants either, because most of them start early do to all the cooking and they expect you to start as early as 10 am and finish at 3 and then start again from 5 till 12.

ANy work place you go to, there is always racism as sad as it is.
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My very first job was in fast food. It's a good place to work because many times the other employees are in your age group. I ended up in restaurant management for 8 years due to my experiences. Many times fast food places have trouble getting daytime employees, due to teens' school schedules. Since you aren't in school, you might be just the person they are looking for.
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I had several part-time jobs while I was still in school, and worked as a short-order cook a few times. It's a hot job, but can be kind of fun. My one nephew is now working at McDonald's after school and on weekends. Basically, if you need money, you take what you can get, and restaurants, fast food or conventional, are usually on the lookout for reliable employees, and the tips can be good. And as Deb pointed out, you might be able to get daytime hours.
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It's really not that bad. My boyfriend worked at wendy's for almost 3 years. He started out making $5.75 and was making $8 when he left. It wasn't the most dignified job but it did pay well. When you need the money you can't be picky on where you want to work. Just suck it up for a while and take a job you might not like. But atleast you can be making money while looking for a job you like better. You know what I mean?

My boyfriend is doing that right now. He works at UPS and he hates it. But he knows we have bills to pay so he continues to work there until he can find some place better.
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Ashely, it may be your attitude. Not all restaurants are how you described, you can't generalize them. I would hate working at McDonald's, but I'd rather work than go on welfare. If you have a good work ethic, anyplace can give you a good job. Don't go on about how you didn't get a paper app at Walmart, that makes no difference whatsoever. What you need to do is dress professionally and go and ask politley to speak to the person in charge of hiring and ask if you're being considered. Going there with someone else is a big NO. So go without your boyfriend. It makes you look weak to go with someone else and it can hurt your chances of getting hired.

All of this information comes from an employment class the government out here in CA gives as well as my own experiences (and I've had to hire people too and if you'd come in with your boyfriend I wouldn't have hired you).
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I went to a interview to look after a 6 yr old daughter of a lady and she asked me to bring my bf along...
Cant say i got hired, She definetely seemed interested.
well i suppose it depends on what kind of job
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In general, you don't go with a friend. Makes it look as though you are more interested in being where your friend is than the actual job. And ditto to dressing professionally. I wouldn't go job hunting in jeans, even if it was to a fast food place. You want to look professional, so you can be perceived as such. Remember, lots and lots of people are applying. You need to use whatever you can to set yourself apart and get yourself an interview.
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If they don't call you in a week... call them... The wal-mart at home lost my sister's application, this after she took her drug test. Some of the managers are careless like that
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