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Do any of you have hundreds of ladybugs outside your home? We do and they are coming inside. I did not know that they bite until I got bit the other day. I have tons of them inside and out. You get attacked when you go outside! THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!
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Boy, I know what your going through. We had them last year. They get in everywhere.

I never put my vacuum away all winter last year, everyday I vacuumed them up. & yes they bite.

I used to love ladybugs, but now I have no remorse vacuuming them up or flushing them. They smell badly if crushed.

I had to go outside with our vacuum & vacuum them off our sliding door, so we could go outside without millions of them getting inside.

They were in swarms. Actually they are an Asian Beetle, not the lady bug.

They get in your hair, all over your body. I am thankful we do not have them again this year.
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I can't say that I have any experience with the ladybugs. Sorry I don't have any suggestions.
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Hmm, and they're portrayed as cute lovely little bugs...I didn't know they bite!
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We have had plenty of ladybugs here too. And this fall we have had just as many boxelder(sp) bugs!!
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We have those boxelder bugs too - all over the sliding glass doors - can't say they are a favorite of mine!
Lady bugs biting? - never knew that!
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EEK! We have ladybugs in the south, but they are cute, little things that come a few at the time. I guess we get mosquitos as big as hummingbirds instead!
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We have lots of ladybugs here too I've noticed they bite one day too:kitty5: :rainbow:
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We have geckos. (little spotted lizards)

They are everywhere. The cats and dogs go crazy!
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Are you sure that they are Lady Bugs?

There is a new bug that looks like a 'lady'. They can be orange or even yellow. They are another bug from Asia I believe. And I have
seen hundreds of them around.

The 'red' lady bug is just a little smaller. And they are considered
good luck. I don't bother them even in the house. And they are great in the garden. They eat the aphids off roses.

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Yes they are the Asian Beetle. Some are ladybugs. I also have used the vacuum on them. We get them every year more and more each year.

Amaretto I think I would much rather have the geckos.
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There are oodles of ladybugs this year. I was just at a wedding where a ladybug was crawling all over the bride. I couldn't pay attention to the ceremony - I just kept watching the bug - hoping the bride would start swatting herself. Everything turned out fine.

My 5 cats are loving them. The bugs like our windowsill and all 5 cats try to get thru the glass to them.
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I love ladybugs. They and the butterflies are my favorite insect. They eat all the pests we dislike. Does it hurt when they bite? Right now I think all the butterflies and ladybugs have either flown south for the winter or hibernating.
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Don't the geckos eat the bugs? And don't your cats eat the geckos? There is a little lizard in my bedroom closet that I think the cats are hunting.

Hey . . . Maybe the cats could eat the ladybugs?
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Wow, I never knew that Ladybugs would bite, either! We occasionally have one or two get in the house, but I never bother with them, since there aren't very many, and they leave me alone, and they are supposed to be good for your houseplants, or so I hear.
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I have been bitten by ladybugs and their bite isn't too bad. What I really dislike is being stung by a bee. We used to get bees in our house occasionally, and the cats would play with them. Snowball would get stung right on his nose!
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