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Joshua is sick

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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Joshua is sick.

He developed a cold when he was 2 and a half weeks old. I called the doctor the following week and they said that they could not do anything for him. The nurse said if he did not have a fever he did not need to be seen. They would not even see him to make sure it was not something else. I didn't want him to get RSV.

Well I finally got them to see him last week. The doctor said he has Bronchiolotis. She put him on a Nebulizer with Albuterol.

I wanted to tell that nurse "I know when my kids are sick! So next time I call give me an appointment!"

He is doing much better now!
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I'm sorry to hear about Joshua. My daughter had that same thing when she was 10 weeks old and it was pretty scary. I'm glad he's doing much better now. (It would be a lot easier if the doctors and nurses would just listen to us!)
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Those nurses should be more professional. What if it were something else. I friend of mine's baby was sick, but the nurses wouldn't make an appointment for the baby. The baby was sick for a week and wasn't getting any better. Was crying alot. But still, the nurses refused to see her. Then, the baby's face suddenly turned purple, so the couple took the girl to the emergency room. It was discovered that the infant had a hole in her heart and if the couple didn't rush her to the hospital, she would have died. Luckly, the doctors operated on her and she was saved.
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I am glad he is doing alot better too. :angel4:
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Nena I am sorry to hear about your friends baby.

Joshua wasn't getting better eaither and he also was crying a lot.
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Sorry to hear that Joshua is sick. I know the nebulizer deal with the albuterol from A LOT of experience. My son is prone to bronchitis ( he has asthma ), so we spent a lot of time with that nebulizer and the albuterol. Its a big help though, he hardly ever needed any antibiotics at all, the nebulizer always cleared up the bronchitis.
As he gets older, children that are prone to chest colds can usually wean off of the nebulizer and onto inhalers or even an oral medication. My son just started Singulair ( a tablet you take once a day ) and we have noticed quite a difference in his bronchitis episodes and his asthma!
Hope Joshua is feeling better soon. Hugs to him!!

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Nicole, I'm glad to hear Joshua is doing better, I hope he gets over his cold soon, poor little guy. Let us know how he is doing.
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I'm glad he's feeling better. It is so scary when they get sick, especially so little. I was so scared Logan was going to get sick, the kids both got sick while I was in the hospital with him, then hubby got sick and I just got over a cold. I was so lucky he didn't catch it. But we still have a whole cold season to go.
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I'm sorry to learn Joshua is ill. Is he feeling any better now? Please tell him I wish him a speedy recovery.


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