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Cat Doors

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Anyone installed a cat door on an interior door? I'd like the cats to have access to the basement, but don't want to leave the door open. I saw an inside cat door on petsmart - it says "up to 12 lbs" - one of my cats is near that - so I am concerned about sizing.

Plus I am concerned about installing it! Anyone done this before?
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I've seen the type advertised that looks like you make a hole in the existing door, but have never had any experience with it. Mine is the panel that installs in the sliding glass door track.
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I've seen some of these at Lowes and Home Depot Stores. You don't necessarily have to get it at a Pet Store. Also if you are concerned about size, I'd go larger. You could get a pet door that is for small dogs. We don't have one of these at our house but we are considering it for the door to our garage and putting the kitties litterbox there in the future. From what I understand, you will have to cut a hole in door to install it. Something else to think about is in the future if you want to sell the house you may have to replace the door if new owners are turned off by it. Hope this helps you out.
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Thanks - I understand that I'd have to cut a whole - that is what I am worried about! We just moved here last year because of my job relocating - I truly do NOT want to do that again anytime soon.
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Installation of a pet door would depend on the type of pre-existing door. We for instance have 6-panel doors and the integrity of the door would be compromised if we installed a pet door. If you have a solid panel door that doesn't become a problem. If you have a hollow core door-the door will be ruined but on the other hand those are the least expensive types of doors. Some homes now have a man made material panelled door. I do not know how those are constructed. We have our litter boxes in the basement also but for us our basement is unheated so I stick a towel under the towel so it is open just big enough for the cats to get through. Otherwise we end up heating the basement!! Its not the best solution but that is our option at this time!!
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