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Make a Kitty Feel Good -2/5

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Well, It was a tough decision since I have a lot of kitty friends on the forum, Princess was begging me pick her but I told her no! In the end I pick


Cedar you are one of my good friends and we have a lot of fun together. I love playing pranks on all the girly cats and I love it how you always feed me, I just want to tell you that you mean a lot to me. I love a friend ok.

Congratulation Cedar!!!!
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Trent: Go Cedar! You're a fun little cool kitty!

Ophelia: And you're cute too!
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Aw yay Cedar! And what a great picture! We don't know you very well but we still like you!

-Baylee and Max
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Cedar!!! You are one special kitty!!!

This is Chuckie speaking on behalf of all 8 of us. We have one question for ya...what's it like to run in all of that grass?!! Mommy always grabs me when I try to go's not fair!! Headbuts and purrs to you on your special day!!!
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TIGGY: Hi Cedar! Congrats! I was hoping I would get picked today for kitty of the day, but if I couldn't be, then I'm glad it was you my friend!

TRIXIE: Cedar, you are so lucky you can run free in your backyard! I sit in our window and watch the birds and wish I could chase them.

PETALS: Congratulations Cedar...........your the perfect choice for this honor, next to me.
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ROSIE: Hi Cedar, mum said what a good choice was made when you were picked I was telling Sophie what a pretty face you have

SOPHIE: Yeah Cedar you are a pretty girl, like me really!!
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You are one cute kitty-cat! Normally, we'd be jealous of your good looks but you seem like someone we'd want to be friends with so... we won't hate you because you're beautiful!

Our mommy says your mommy is a sweet person so you must be sweet, too!


Molly and Penelope
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You're Meowmy is going to be so surprised when she checks in! I can remember you were the first little kitty I noticed at TSC. I saw this adorable little gray and white kitty in a blue laundry basket We will keep this a secret from Tipsy as he might have to beat you up just because he's your big brother. Tell Meowmy that this photo is one I hadn't seen and it's so adorbable.
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Princess- You are cute kitty, I love to see your pictures especially when you are inside a box.
Pitufo- Cedar you are a cool kitty and from what Gordo tells me you are a good friend.
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Joji : You are terrific kid!
Skinny: Boy, Tipsy is gonna be sooo jealous.
QT: Congratulations on your special day!
Wawa: Give me five! (waves up front paw)
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Abbie: Congratulations on your special day Cedar! That's a really nice picture of you!
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Sasha sends a rose in Cedar's honor and offers big animal protection services in the Outback for her.
Saba is cheering!!!
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Sierra: Yippee, Cedar, way to go!We're cousins, but we sure feel like brother and sister as close as we and our Mommies are!You're so gorgeous, I just know these great looks must run in the family! Oh, we have so much fun together, and I just love you so much, Cedar!
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Cedar! Your Aunty loves you so very much!!!! What a wonderful kitty you are! If your Mommy gives you trouble you know where to find me I know you are always an angel!!!!
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Cedar looks so cute and playful!
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Cedar is soooo shy that he is hiding right now from all the attention!!!

wow everyone - what a special honour this is for me!! My meowmy & daddy went away for the weekend and werent here so its so special that everyone was thinking of me

I just want to thank everyone single one of you for making me feel so special today - thanks Gordo mate - I love you too!! (like a friend though!!)
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Tibby and Molly: Oh how did we miss this?!!

Tibby: You are such a great laugh Cedar - we have had so much fun on the vacation so far!! Still some tricks to get up to!!

Molly: Cedar, you are very fun and keep my big brother from chasing me! Thank you for that! But just so your brother doesn't get jealous, he's the only cat for me!
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