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At a loss...

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I have two kitties in my house right now, one is a male and one a female. They're both spayed/neutered and probably about 8-10 years old or more (they were strays when I first took them in).

The male, Tigger, is the most charming and lovable animal and is pretty well adjusted. Seems he had a decent life before me and has no emotional issues. The female, Missy, however is different. The story I've been told is that she was owned by an old woman who contracted Alzheimers and eventually died. Missy was never taken care of very well and after the woman died, ended up living on her own in an abandoned house for 1-2 years. A coworker eventually brought her to me and I took her in.

Missy has always been standoffish which I'm sure comes from her past, but she can also be very loving and cuddly when she's in the mood. Lately, however, she has been running away from me and hiding when I try and get close to pet her. Now, I love my animals and have never hit or otherwise hurt them in any way. I don't even really discipline them if they spray or go outside the litter box because I think it's mean and it doesn't help the situation anyway. I guess my one fault with Missy is that I try and pet her and kiss her too much for her liking! She will get up and leave if she wants to be alone, but she has never tried to hide from me before...and the past few days she has started getting aggressive... I just don't get it!

She has been diagnosed recently with poor kidney function and I'm wondering if it's just that she doesn't feel well, and therefore wants me to leave her alone? It's so hard not to pet her... She's SO cute and licks my hands (when she's in the mood) and sleeps on my bed with me etc.

Any ideas? She's been to the vet for a full workup within the past month (that's how they found the kidney condition). I guess I just need to leave her alone, but her behavior is not normal even for her. I'm worried about what else might be wrong with her...
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It's been my experience that when a kitten starts hiding away from you and doesn't want to be handled is that she is sick. However, Missy's past could also be affecting the way she is acting as well. There are a lot of experts on this site who could probably help you a lot more than I can but I wanted to let you know that I hope everything is ok with your kitty. If it would help to ease your mind talk about the behavior with your vet and see what they have to say about it. It may be that the kidney disorder is causing her to be sick and this is how she deals with it. And it may require a lot of patience from you for her to learn she can trust you. But even if you have the most loveable kitty in the world, they hide illness very well and that could explain the hiding from you. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I would say to get your cat to the vet as soon as you can. Hiding can indeed be in response to pain or an illness.
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Thank you for the responses!

Hissy, she hides only when she sees me coming... then she'll run away and duck under the bed or closet. I think it's because she knows I'll try and pet her! If left alone, she will sit up on my bed or on her favorite cardboard box (ie. not hidden anywhere).

Does hiding in response to my approaching her still qualify for what you said above - about pain and illness? I have been considering bringing her back to the vet and I think I will in any case.
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I would rule out health issues first, it just is always the way I go. Then if it is behavorial you work on it from that end. If she checks out healthy and is running from you out of fear, then just ignore her. Not every cat loves to be petted and cuddled and held. She could very likely be one cat that doesn't want you to touch her. So don't force yourself on her, don't chase her if she is hiding, don't peer under where she is hiding, just leave her alone. But don't dismiss that she could also be sick.
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