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messu eyes

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Dear all,
I have 1 female Persian without the Peke face and two males with the Peke faces. The males' eyes are always draining and I have to clean them 2 or 3 times a day and I think their eyes are getting irritated. I usually clean their eyes with either toilet paper. Should I use cotton pieces or what? Also, could they have eye infections? Or should they get Cordezone (spelling) shots? I need any info that you can give me. Thanks
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If you check in pet stores such as Petco or Petsmart they have solution specially made for this. Maybe someone on the board has a "home grown solution". All the best
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Dear Helen,
Thanks for your quick reply! I appreciate it. I forgot to add to my new post that I do also use some moist pads that I got at the Pet store. They are specially used for the eye goop. I guess I just didn't know that Peke faces have so much eye proglems. Dawn
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Found this on a website of a breeder of Persians.

Use generic sterile saline solution on a cotton face pad, saturate it, then wipe the eyes paying special attention to the grooves along the nose. Use Clear Eyes in the eye if needed.
See vet for conjunctivitis.

Hope it helps.
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Peke faced pesians are prone to this as they have very small tear ducts if any at all. I like using the gauze bandages you would buy for first aid. They don't shed any fibers that can irritate the eyes. You can use tap water to wash them off, but it helps if you put the artificial tears or the eye ointment without antibiotic in a few times a day.
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