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i'm so out of it that 'ive got to vent

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first of all i would like to say hi to everyone here sorry i haven't posted to much lately i miss ya guys please forgive me for venting

I haven't been off for two weeks we lost most of are help in the bakery im trying to run the ice cream/candy and do what ever i can in the bakery with jim but im about to pull my hair out yesturday i snapped at sue i didn't mean to but when i came in i had to clean the whole stinking mess up! plus wait on customers by myself once again! cause no help at night
and like always she just left to go home and i had to clean everything up but yet she has had her two days off a week me and jim can't even get a day off

there is some good news to some of this my boss called me into her office yesturday before i started work i got another raise thats two within three months i think thats the only reason i was able to go on yestuday and i really love the owners of the store there such good people to work for

well ive gotta run and unwind before i go back into work later take care cat people i will get back into acition as soon as i get sometime off
thanks for listen to me vent

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wow you sound busy!!!
hopefully things will get better soon
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awww Rhonda - I'm sorry you're having a miserable time at work right now - but at least your bosses appreciate you Hurry back to TCS - we miss you
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At least you are appreciated by the people who count! Good luck with it all.
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awww! atleast you are getting a payraise!
Be happy And stay calm hehe.
good luck huns!!
and come back on soon
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I'm sorry you're having such a hectic, stressful time right now, Rhonda!It will all get better very soon! Please hurry back, we sure do miss you!
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I hope things get a lot better for you! Vent all you like!
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It sure sounds frustrating! But at least your hard work and loyalty are paying off.
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Sorry you're having a rough time. Everyone deserves at least one day off...
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Rhonda i would have been annoyed with her as well!.

At least they can see your working hard by giving you another raise!
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I'm sorry you are having a stressful time just now, and hope that things will settle down for you soon. No small thing that your efforts are being recognized by the owners! Thank God for that!!
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Awww Rhonda, we miss you here! Sorry to hear about the troubles at work.
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thank you everyone for your support well three more days and im off woohooooo made it through yesturday but it was still a mess but jim the baker who works morinings bless his heart he did the donut pull for me which that helps me alot as for donut head chick she still left me with a mess but i just took a deep breath and went about my daily duties and got my work done the girl who i was going to train next week never showed up for work so i guess will half to find someone else to hire wish me luck
I got my fudge case all fixed up for valentines days it looks so pretty maybe i'll take a picture and sho you guys well i must unwind again before i start my day have a great day cat people and thanks for letting me vent

heres amy on her last day with us at work she left to go back to michigan to live she left two weeks ago sure do miss her she was a great worker for sure amys the one in the white shirt

Me and Amy

and here's Jim are baker dude he does all the breads hes a great worker poor thing by the time hes off it will be three weeks i sure fill sorry for him

Jim and Amy

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