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Make a Member Feel Good, 2-5-05..HYDROAXE !!

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Like it has been said before me, I had a hard time choosing someone for today, there are just so many nice people here at TCS ! But, decide I did, and my choice for today's honor is:

Ryan is one of the growing number of men here at TCS, and easily one of the sweetest guys that I know! I appreciate every kind word and everything that he has done for me, buddy, enjoy your day!
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Yippee, Ryan!You are so brilliant when it comes to computers and everything else that I've found! You are so very kind and considerate and so very generous with your time, both on and off the board!
Wow, Ryan, you have been such a lifesaver to me with my computer! You have practically been on call for me helping with my computer and have single handedly fixed it into such great condition, it's running faster than when it was brand new! You have also helped me update my antivirus software and made it run automatically on a set schedule!You will soon be famous with your ingenious game, and just can't wait for it to come out!
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you lately! Not only are you so smart, but also so very funny and fun to talk to! Thank you so much, Ryan, for being here with us, and for being such a great friend!
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Congratulations! I enjoy your funny posts! Have a great day!!

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Hello Ryan, nice nomination!!!! , hummmm, not alway we can talk with each others but I´m so happy for you, I know every person here is special and you deserve this and more!
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I really haven't had the chance to get to know you but I still wanted to say "Congratulations!"
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Originally Posted by captiva
Congratulations! I enjoy your funny posts!

Me too, Ryan!
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There couldn't be a nicer man walking in this world right now. You have such a gentle way about you, showing compassion for humans and animals alike, and always ready to help me out when I come across a strange question regarding computers. I have enjoyed our communication together, and I love your artwork and your sense of humor. I am grateful to call you a cyber friend-
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Congratulations! Enjoy your special day.
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Ryan, you are such a great addition to the board. You have this wonderful sense of humor, as well as a kind and giving spirit. I will definitely admit, when I see that you've posted to a thread, I always make sure to read it.
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Ryan, I've always enjoyed reading your posts, and have appreciated your patience in answering computer questions and offering tips. You're definitely a valuable member here.
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Congratulations Ryan!!!!! Though we don't seem to connect much with our posting I hope I get to know you better! Enjoy your day!!!

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I'm so glad you are part of TCS family. Your wry humor, your intelligence and warmth lend much to everything you post. It's so easy to see that you're a deeply giving person and wonderful kitty papa!!! WTG~~~
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Wow, Ryan. You've made quite an impression on folks. Can't say as I've "met" you yet but will definately keep an eye out for you.
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Wow... I'm all that? I don't know how to handle so many compliments at once, but I can definitely say thank you. I am really touched. I have non-online friends that I just don't get to see very often; maybe once every two weeks, so it's nice to know that some of you don't mind me tagging along in the forums. I really enjoy being here with people who love their kitties so dearly, and I love to help with basic computer security problems whenever anyone needs help. Thank you everyone.
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When i was member of the day you said you didn't know me well but that i seemed to have a sense of humour which is correct! And thats what i've noticed that you have, especially when it comes to Cheryls jokes
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Tag Tag Tag!!!
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Congratulations Ryan!
By your posts I can tell you are a smart and compassionate human being. You deserve your special day!
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Hi Ryan! It's nice reading your posts and I do enjoy your creativity!
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I can't say that I know you but I do read when you post and often laugh or have to sit and think, both things that I love to do! Enjoy your special day!
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