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I just rolled my ankle! *ouch*

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it is actually kinda funny, i was sitting on a friends couch waiting for some more people to arrive, i had one foot crossed up underneath the other leg and when they arrived i got up to greet them... but i fell right back down , not realizing till i fell that my foot was asleep... it didnt feel any different at all, except when i stood on it i realized i couldnt feel it, i rolled my ankle right over and fell down with a big thud... my friend walks around the corner and said 'what was that' and i said 'i fell' then she said 'no, the other noise' my foot made two cracking noises... it is gigantic right now, but i can move it all directions so that is good... we all had a good grimace and a good laugh, now i am just hoping it doesnt get any worse that it is, my ankle itself doesnt hurt, it is the top and the top outside of the foot that hurts... guess it is a good thing that i have a doctor appt. on tuesday... i am thinking tendons and what-not... worst part... it is my driving foot, although it is someone good news because i can barely press the pedal, so we all know i wont be speeding around town anytime soon
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Ouch! Meagan, why not visit the ER just to make sure? Tuesday seems so long to wait. Sending over some strong healing vibes!
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Ow! I'm glad it doesn't hurt that much but I would definitely try to visit a doc. sooner than Tuesday!
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Poor you - yep a doc's visit sounds good sooner rather than later! Sending healing vibes your way
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Oh no! I hope you didn't break it. Also, be sure to ice it good for the first 24 hours......that will help with the swelling and make it easier for a fracture to show up on xray.
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yes, I agree...maybe a friendly visit to the local ER

Our feet are such complicated things...so many bones and muscles, I would get an x-ray soon if I were you

I hope it does feel better though!
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I wanted to add.......I broke my foot several years ago while playing softball. I was playing first base on a co-ed team and the shortstop was a big guy. He threw me the ball during a play and it was thrown very hard and very wild. When I stretched out to try and catch the ball, it landed on the top of my foot. I managed to finish the game and then went to the ER to get an xray. They told me it was NOT broken. (even though I was sure that it was)

I waited about 2 weeks and when it didn't get better, I went to my orthopedic doctor who xrayed it again. I had two broken bones in the top of my foot! He said it may not have shown up right away because it was so swollen. Fortunately, the bones were aligned ok and he didn't have to re-break it.
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Get it checked. Some years ago, what I thought was a simple sprain turned out to be torn ligaments. To this day, that ankle gives me trouble (prior to the torn ligaments, I had broken it - TWICE).
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thanks guys for the good vibes... after i get showered and ready i will go to the ER... hopefully it is nothing... i'll let ya know!
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mferr84 put ice in a plastic zip lock bag and place a towel between foot and bag of ice this will bring the swelling down. Have someone take you don't try to drive yourself to the hospital. Hopefully it is just a sprain, that can be taken care of with rest and no pressure on the foot.

I speak from experience Sept 4 last year I managed to step into a hole and twist my left ankle. It swelled up instantly and everyone thought it was broken. I was carried to the emergency room and x-rays were taken with torn ligaments and ligaments torn from the bone.

I was sent to a bone dr who toke more x-rays and a cast was put on. 3 weeks later one cast removed and another put on for another 3 weeks. Foot constantly swelling and MRI was taken and the verdict was no broken bones just torn ligaments and surgery suggested. The surgeon said no just RSD which is Reflex sympathic dystropy and physical therapy needed.

So after several weeks of pt I am finally able to walk with just a slight limp and no crutches but I will have the RSD for the rest of my life. So a chance of flare ups occasionallly.

Sorry this is long but it has taken a long time to get better for me. RSD is caused by nerves gone haywire. So it is best to go and get help for your your foot and not let it go without the proper care. Until there is major damage that is harder to correct. So don't wait get help soon. and let us know how it turned out.
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thanks for the advice! i went to an urgent care facility earlier today which i am sure most of you know, is a few steps down from even a regular ER, but they took three x-rays... he said he cant see the bones in my foot real well because of the swelling... but there is nothing wrong with my ankle *good*, but he said it is sprained pretty good, he asked me if i would like crutches... i declined... i can walk on it okay, but he said to ice it 2ce a day and take ibuprofen or mortin for two weeks then go back in to my regular doctor and have it x-rayed again when swelling is down... just in case any small fractures on the top/outside of my foot were missed...
i asked if this was going to cause ankle problems for the rest of my life now and he said no, i cannot have ankle problems... that would be bad for my career...
my husband rolled his ankle in highschool and he has had bad bad problems every since... he rolls it often and now his ankle looks swollen all the time, even if there is nothing wrong with it... i dont want that... it doesnt help that i am already having steroids injected into my right knee because of an enlarged bursa... it would suck to have knee and ankle problems in the same leg
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Good to hear there is nothing wrong with your ankle. I sure hope it feels better soon!
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thanks sam!!
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Glad to hear all is well!
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