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Looking for a "senior" valentine

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Hi! My name is Joji. I am a mature calico looking for an elderly gentleman for Valentine. I share my home with three adolescents that drive me crazy 24/7.
Ahem, sorry about that... Anyway, I spend my days resting under the warm sun. I used to be a heck of a hunter but lately I'd rather watch the prey scurry by. My legs are not as strong as they used to be. I would love to exchange stories with another senior, remembering both our pasts, the good and bad.
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She's so pretty, I don't have any Senior cats but I hope she finds a Valentine Date.
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Hi Joji.....I'm Leo. You didn't specify how "senior" you were interested in...so I thought I'd take a chance and send you my profile. I will be 8 years old March and I like pretty much the same things you do. I am also dealing with a couple of adolescents who disturb my sleep quite frequently....but they are good boys.

I love to lay in the sun and nap while the others are wasting their time playing. (such a useless pastime in my opinion)

I enjoy teaching the young ones on all the ways of the cat. Here I am mentoring my young nephew in how to be a regal cat.

Some days it's just too noisy around here and all I want is some peace and tranquility in my life. I often have to try and block it all out in order to get my rest.

I'll be waiting for your call.

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that is too cute! i love the pic where his head is down lol made me laugh
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I love this valentine Thread!!!
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How about me? My name is Snoopy. I'm from Southern California, and I'm a hottie if I don't say so myself. I'll be 20 years young in the Spring, so I think that qualifies me as a Senior.

The only other cats I get to see are my brothers, Shane and Simba. I'd just LOVE to spend some time with a beautiful lady.


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Leo, I admire your patience with the young ones. You must tell me your secret.
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Snoopy, thank you for the compliment. You don't look your age at all!
I am about 6 years younger than you and look it.
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