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just got two adult cats spayed, cat being VERY mean! Please Help!

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I just got my two adult cats spayed (on tuesday). My very dominate cat(trixie) is being very very loving and affectionate and not at all moody. the other cat (roxie)who is normally very calm and loving is being really mean to the other cat. Roxie will walk by Trixie and start growling and hissing at her, won't let her near the food. She's even growling at me a little.
I dont' understand her behavior. It's totally out of character for Roxie to behave this way, very territorial.
I feel bad for her b/c she's obviously not feeling like herself. I tried the vanilla extract, all they did was sniff each other and then Roxie growled some more.

Could this just be part of the healing process? Trixie is very hurt by the way Roxie is acting. Trixie makes these sad faces and puts her head down when Roxie growls and hisses. I am beside myself with worry.
Will this stop? I know it hasn't been very long since the surgery, but it's so shocking to see her acting like this?
Anyone else have a similar problem? Any advice? I would really appreciate it!

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Give Roxie some extra-special time away from Trixie - she might be a little more needy than usual now. Remember that they both just went through a stressful trip to the vet, a major surgery, and now are probably experiencing a bit of discomfort. Give it some time, give them both a lot of love, and my guess is that everything will be back to normal in a short while.
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I echo what Gayef said...it's likely just a reaction to the surgery and stress.

I remember once having to sedate one of my babies during a move. She was so very mean and vicious while the drug was in her system - and for (iirc) at least a day after. Completely Jeckyll and Hyde behavior. But once she wasn't "stoned" any more, she was able to get her bearings, and start to be her warm loving self again.

Give her some extra time, some serious loving, treats and gentle stroking and calm voiced talk. She'll come back to herself shortly; until then, just hang on. Trixie needs some extra love, too...so don't forget about her.

People react differently to surgeries, why shouldn't cats? I had two major surgeries last year, and I came out of one of them just fine, but the other one I came awake literally having hurt one nurse, and being restrained by 4 others. Same hospital, same doctors/environment, same meds. I figure if I had such different reactions, why not two cats have different reactions, too?

Hang in there...

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Also get some brewers yeast, and rub down both cats with it. then brush them out. They bring a lot of different stress pheremones from the vet's office and this can set one cat against the other. You can also use vanilla extract, a little under their noses and on the base of their tails till the scents get neutralized.
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Dushka and Ellie reacted very differently to being spayed (not at the same time though). DUshka was obviously hurting for three days or so afterwards and hated being touched. Ellie was trying to jump around after 24 hours. They were the same age when the surgery was done, by the same vet, so there was no obvious reason. I guess they just reacted differently. I am sure your two will get through it OK.
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Thanks for all your help. I'm sure that's what the problem is. She has calmed alot since i wrote this. Still hissing and growling but not like she was.

We are moving across the country in about 3 weeks, from Oklahoma City to Philadelphia and I will need to sedate them for the trip, I am sure the will experience the same behavior when they come down off the sedatives.

I feel awful for putting them through all of this. Like a bad mother. But they are good girls and I am sure they will adapt. Cats are good at it if you give them time.

Thanks again!!!
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Most vets are against sedating cat who travel. Here is an article for you to read that will help youhttp://www.thecatsite.com/content/view/62/28/
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