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I'd like to give a tribute to........

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I'd like to give a tribute to my puppy, Thunder.
Thunder was 13 years old when he died. Not 6 months before he passed, he was diagnosed with a severely bad case of heartworms. The vet told us we could reverse it, but she didn't tell us what he'd go through. It was a very painful, and very drawn out process. I wish I would've known. We lived in Oklahoma for most of my life. Heartworms were very uncommon up there. When we moved to Florida, we didn't know that Florida was one of the heaviest populated areas for heartworms. Thunder, after getting the reverse, began having seizures. He had at least one everyday. For some reason, two things triggered them the most. Direct sunlight outside, and drinking large amounts of water after coming in from the outside. We had to keep him in the shade, and prevent him from drinking a lot when he came in, which was hard because he was very weak, and the least bit of walking made him tired, exhausted, and thirsty. He lived a full, and happy life. Any time I was crying, he was there for me to pet, and to comfort me. Except for once. Any time I was scared, he was there to give me strength. Except for once. Any time I felt alone, he was there to be my friend. Except for once. Except for the one day, when he passed away at 3 AM one morning. He was a wonderful puppy, and I loved and still love him very much, and I will never forget him!

In loving memory of Thunder!
1991 - 2004

This picture was taken the night before he died. May he rest in peace.
It may take a moment to load.
It says:
You were the best friend anyone could ever have! You will never be forgotten!
In loving memory,
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That's a really beautiful,moving tribute Cassie. I had a tear in my eye! It's so hard when you loose them. But we have to hold on to our faith and remember that they are ok. God be with you and give you comfort.
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What a beautiful tribute! I'm sorry that Thunder had to have a rough go of it but you did a good job of making his last days as comfortable as possible. The last lines about the one time he wasn't there are so MOVING!! And what an adorable face - such a loss for you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Susan
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What a beautiful dog Thunder is and such a special tribute.
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Thank-you all so very much. I miss my puppy very much. He dided on July 19, and I still think about him all the time. However, and I know this may sound cruel, but, I'm glad he did die, because he was in so much pain. Yet, I'm upset he's not with me anymore. Thank-you all for your kind words!
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Hi Cassie, i´m spechless is a really lovely memory for thunder... RIP..
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I'm sorry you lost your beautiful dog Thunder
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Thunder sounds like he was a very special pup. I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Thunder
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