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Goofy needs help

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My boyfriend and I are in need of some help. We adopted a sweet double pawed kitten last year and now due to his mothers asthma getting increasingly worse due to her allergy to our furball, we have to get rid of her. (His moms doctor wants to put her on a machine for breathing.)So, we are wondering if anyone has any suggestions on finding a good home or is willing to adopt her themself. We don't want to send her to the MSPCA because we are afraid if she sits there too long she will be put down and she is much to nice of a cat do have that done to her. She is double pawed and small and has lived her entire life indoors with no other cats. If anyone in the Massachusetts, southern NH and VT, Western NY or nortern CT areas knows of any good shelters or homes willing to take this precious little girl, please let me know. We don't want to send her to the MSPCA.... We want to make sure she gets to a good home where she will be loved...

Thanks *Sniffs at the thought of giving away Goofy...*
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I'm so sorry you have to part with Goofy, she sounds like she's stolen your heart and you care for her very much.
I am presently trying to find homes for 2 kittens, it was 3 until today when Poppy went to her new home, so I know how difficult it is.

My suggestion is talk to your (and boyfriends) co-workers, you know them and see them often, so you can check up on kitty often. Also, one of my kittens is going to the girl who works at my pharmacy, so I can check on him too... Ask people at your local market...checkers, not customers, or the bank, anywhere you frequent often and have a sense of the people's personalities and responsibility level. Also, that way you can (often) casually ask about the kitty, without looking obsessive! :LOL:

Good luck, I'm sure you'll find her a good home!
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When I lived in Beverly, MA, there was a no-kill shelter in Salem, called North East Animal Shelter. They charge, I think, $40 to drop off, to cover costs of keeping the pet. And they told me that it helps when people leave the pet gear, too. The animals do better with their own stuff, and the new owner (who also pays $40 to pick up, includes spay / neuter) feels like it's a bargain. I got several pets there over the years with no health problems, and I dropped off my cat there when I moved out of state. He was adopted within a week by a very nice couple, which I know because I called to ask. Salem is probably too far to drop off a cat, but perhaps if you call them they will know of someone in your area.

Maybe you could put up a sign at a local vet's office or in the window of a pet store. I don't know if any of those big people like PetCo will allow it, but a local shop might accommodate you. Can you put a notice in the newspaper? If you list a price of $5 or $10 (even if you don't actually charge the money) then you're more likely to get someone who's seriously interested in owning a cat.

It's hard to let a pet go, but knowing they are going to a good place does help. You have to take care of your mum-in-law after all. Give Goofy lots of lovin' so she knows it isn't personal, and so you have lots of memories.

Luck and peace.
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Oh how sad! It's obvious that you have become very attached to Goofy. In the part of the country where I live, people can just list their pets for adoption with shelters while their pet remains in their home. The shelter sends interested people out to the owner's home to see the animal. Just listing with a shelter would give you a chance to meet with any possible new owner, and make sure Goofy is going to a good home. If this is a option in your part of the country, please look for a shelter that screens perspective owners very carefully.

Another option is to talk to your vet about why you need to find a new home for Goofy. Your vet may know of someone who is looking for a nice cat, and who would provide Goofy with a good home.

I was just wondering, what is a double-pawed cat? Does that mean Goofy's paws are double-jointed?

Good Luck!
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I live in MA, but unfortunately I don't think I can add another to my 3........my husband will kill me
But, when I was looking for my first kitty a few months back, I found a lot of ad's in places like the vet office, and pet stores that actually didn't sell kitties. They had a board where you could post an ad with a photo etc.
Maybe you could look into putting up an ad like that...
Good luck ,I hope a nice family takes your little furball.
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