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Terrific News!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone! Just thought i would share some news with you all about me.I just got all my paper work in the mail today for college. Im going to be a vetranarian.Im going to be studying alot but it is well worth it! Im so excited I cant wait to get started on my classes and i will keep everyone updated on my progress wish me luck
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Congrats! Good luck!
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Keep strong through-out your classes and your carreer! God be with you through-out your schooling and carreer!!!
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Congratulations, that's so cool! Happy studying.. .
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This is one of the best things I have heard all day. That was my lifelong dream and let's just say I played other cards instead. I regret it to this day I never pursued it, although I try to make up for it in other ways. Good for you! You stay strong, yes, and focused, keep the big picture in mind and know that there are 8,000 TCS brothers and sisters rooting for you!!!!!

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Wonderful! That's a career worth pursuing!
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Congrats and Good Luck!
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Congratulations! As you learn more I am sure you will have loads of advice for TCS members. Good luck
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yeppp u sure would!
i want to be a midwife... im thinking of doing it part time! (if its possible)
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That's so wonderful! Congratulations! Study hard and you'll do well!!
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Awesome news!

I wish you the best with your studies. You're right....it will all be worth it in the end!
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Wonderful news . CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Work hard, study hard and achieve your dream. It's a fantastic thing that you're doing - good luck I'm sure you'll make a wonderful vet
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