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Where is the Cat Book these days?

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Last I heard it was on route to Mr. Cat- did you get it Joe?
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Cat book! Cat book! Cat book!
(thumping desk)

Come on, Joe! It's your chance to save a slumping US Postal Service!
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I think I've heard of this cat book, it's a mythological creation that was inspired by pagans to perpetuate goodwill on the internet.

I don't think this book truelly exsists. It's an internet legend.

But I will sign it and put my pictures of my kitties in and send it on to the next person, once it makes its way into my dirty little mitts.
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I've been meaning to bring up this very subject, so I thank you for doing so! I've yet to see "the cat book." It's never arrived here! Where it is, I do not know.

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It's not an urban legend, and it has no infectious disease associated with it (unless you count the smiles and giggles you will get when you read it) It is supposed to go to Mr. Cat then Cleo then Alexnell then Blue, then...........hmmmm Maybe we should send a distress signal out for it, and see if we can locate it.
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I guess Meowman still has it. Hopefully he will send it on soon. I had heard he had done this, but guess I heard wrong.
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Yes, I'd heard the same report some time ago. But, alas, no "cat book" has shown up here! It's possible the postal service is at fault, but I seriously doubt such is actually the case.

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I had wondered about the book for some time now, especially since my "cat family" has grown so much lately, and I am anxious to see what others have contributed.

I'm looking forward to getting the book, but I must confess I'd love to be the last person to recieve it, so I could see all that has been added by our Community!
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I'm getting the feeling that "the cat book" is lost. Something tells me, unless it's found pretty quick, we'll have to begin the exercise all over again.

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What is the Cat Book?

:confused3 :confused3 :confused3
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It is a small book about cats that I got as a gift and I enjoyed it so much that I asked who might be interested in reading it. I got such a big response that the post stayed up long enough for 25 people to sign up for it. Then the post was locked up so no one else could sign up (otherwise the book would never reach it's final destination which is Anne) It was timed (so I had hoped) that Anne would get it when her baby was due. But it seems to have fallen off the face of the planet now so I don't think Anne is going to get it after all. The deal was for people to read it, write something personal to Anne and then enclose a photo or two of their cats inside and mail it to the next person. It is a fast read, I don't know why it isn't traveling. My hope is Meowman is still lurking about and this will remind him to send it on.

If you new people are interested in this, then perhaps you can start another cat oriented book which might travel faster. I am bummed over this and won't be starting another one any time soon.
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The new book will be in my hands in a few days. Once I get it, I will send it out again- this time to Mr. Cat with the original list of people attached to it. Hopefully, this time, it will make the journey easier and get to everyone ending up with Anne which was the original plan for it. I just ordered it, so the minute it gets here off it will go. Thanks to all of you for your patience,and we will get this thing going again. Thanks to those of you who emailed me and expressed a desire to still do this even with the set-back.
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Hissy; Thanks for starting the new book. Perhaps something like this will lift all of our spirits. . .

Aso, I would like to ask where are Cassie and Craig? If anyone reads this posts and knows the answer; PM me or something. . . . .

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