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New Fighting Among Old Buddies  

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Hi, I am new to this site, however I have a desperate situation and need some answers-so I am posting without introducing myself.

I have 2 female cats. The older, Misty will be 8 on April 1st. TwoPaws will be7 years old sometime in June. I got Misty when she was 8 weeks. TwoPaws was a stray I adopted when she was about 3 months. They are both indoor cats--Misty is declawed (front feet only).

They have ALWAYS gotten along, with occasional spats. Nothing serious. I have always lived alone. A year ago I moved in with my parents to help them out. They have a Pug and a cat. Both females. Misty adapted well. TwoPaws has trouble. She had attacked the Pug twice in the year.

Well, yesterday for NO APPARENT reason TwoPaws started attacking Misty. What happened was that Misty was coming around a corner and saw my Mother's cat, Shadow. They don't interact much, but tolerate one another. Misty did not know Shadow was there and "jumped" when she saw her. When this happened TwoPaws came flying from some unknown area and attacked Misty. (btw- the time TwoPaws attacked the Pug, she ended it with a good fight with Misty. This was several months ago).

Since yesterday TwoPaws won't let Misty make a move. She keeps attacking her whenever she sees her. I am at my wits end, I don't know what to do as I don't know WHY she is doing this. I really can't keep them separated indefinitely. The house is not big enough.

Misty always seemed like the dominant one between the two. She appears confident so does not scare easy. TwoPaws always seemed timid. I think she is attacking out of fear, but don't understand why. They have always gotten along and the other cat and dog have never made open threats to her.

I don't want to have to give her up, but........... if this continues I may have to find her another home. BTW- TwoPaws is NOT declawed, so when Misty and TwoPaws fight it is not fair! I do regret declawing Misty, but this was when she was spayed YEARS AGO before I knew better. It was a choice of giving her up or doing so. I could not get her to stop dystroying furniture and she would not let me trim her nails. TwoPaws does let me.

PLEASE all advice will be appreciated.
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One of the first things may be a medical problem. Cats can get very agressive if something is wrong, it is a built in protection system for them so that the other animals don't know they are weak. The second is stress. Cats can get very stressed and act out. I would take Twopaws to the vet for a checkup. If all checks out okay, I would put twopaws in a small room with a litter box, bed, food, water and toys. Let her chill out a little bit. Let her sniff the other cats and dog from under the door. There is also something you can get at a health food store called rescue remedy. It takes the edge off a little and is all natural. Please do what you can before trying to find her a new home..
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Sandie pretty much has said the right things to do to start with. Once you ascertain that it is not a medical problem, put her in a room alone for a few days to chill out. This is a behavior problem that needs to be modified - I suggest Dr. Nick Doddman's book, The cat who cried for help (he is an animal behaviorist from Tufts University) for some good ideas on cat aggressive behavior, why it happens and how to change it. After kitty has been in a room for a few days, I would go one step further and cage her in my bedroom where she can interact with the Pug and other cat through the cage. She may be growly at first - but the cage will make her feel safe and also lonely. If one of my cats decides to start picking on one of the other guys I will walk into the middle of the fight, pick up the one who is acting out and cage him for a few hours as (1) punishment and (2) a time to unstress. Cats are very smart animals - I am sure you can modify the behavior if you work at it.
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Sandie and Renee,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will give them a try. I definitely do NOT want to find TwoPaws a new home. I gave Misty and TwoPaws away once-- 2 years ago. I cried the whole time they were gone. Within a day I called and asked for them back.

I heard of Rescue Remedy, I use to give it to a client I worked with. How much would you suggest for a 10 pound cat?

You know, this morning I tried bringing Misty into my room to see TwoPaws. As soon as Misty saw her she began growling. Now I am not sure who is the aggressor. Though, TwoPaws has a history of being the one who does aggress. Perhaps Misty is just reacting to what has been going on?

I am going to do the cage idea. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!
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I'm locking this thread to prevent double postings. The thread continues here:

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